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Optimize & manage product feeds on Shopify.
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AdNabu's Product Feed Management Software is a specific tool for Shopify and Shopify Plus intended to optimize and manage product and data feeds. The tool supports integration with multiple channels including Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, TikTok, and more.

The software features an AI Feed Optimization, which can enhance product feeds, suggest valuable keywords, and support creation of feeds in over 30 languages.

Other notable features include custom product promotion, product customization for advertising purposes, multi-currency support, and product review integration.

The tool also includes functionalities to bulk edit product attributes, provide qualitative and quantitative suggestions on individual products, and allows for an instant Shopify sync, maintaining efficient harmony between the store and product feed.

The software also integrates with Shopify Flow for automated actions. Overall, AdNabu aims to increase sales from all online marketplaces by optimizing your products for maximum performance across these channels.


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AdNabu was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 6th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Shopify and Shopify Plus integration
Multi-channel integration including Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, TikTok
Product feed enhancement
Keyword suggestions
Supports over 30 languages for feed creation
Custom product promotion
Product customization for ads
Multi-currency support
Product review integration
Bulk edit of product attributes
Individual product suggestions
Instant Shopify sync
Shopify Flow integration
Optimizes products for maximum performance
Multi-language feed creation
Customization with metafields
Blocklists for excluding certain products
Dashboard analytics
Supports unique products without GTIN identifiers
Product scoring feature
Feed sync with Google Merchant Center
Error-free marketplace management
Error rectification for feed-related issues
Bulk corrections to product variants
Creative product listing


Specific to Shopify
Dependent on Shopify Flow
No other platform integration
No mobile app
No direct API mention
Limited language support
No Twitter integration
No eBay/Amazon channels
Keywords suggestions, not generation


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Does AdNabu's tool support the promotion of custom products?

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