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Generated UX copy for product design.
Generated by ChatGPT

Riter is an AI tool that specializes in generating UX copy and headings for various categories such as headings, UX copy, and design descriptions. Powered by chatGPT version 1.0, Riter has generated over 12,223 copies of UX content so far.

The tool requires users to provide a brief or some keywords and then select a category before generating the copy. The copy generated by Riter is designed to help users create effective user experiences for their products or websites.Riter was created by two individuals, Saber Ali and Abdur Rahman, and users can access their Twitter and GitHub profiles from the Riter site.

The tool's website is simple and straightforward with a logo and powered by chatGPT tagline on the page, and users need to enable JavaScript to run the app.In summary, Riter is an AI-powered tool that automates the process of generating UX copy and headings for various categories.

It is designed to help users create compelling user experiences for their products or websites, and its user-friendly website interface simplifies the content generation process.


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Aug 26, 2023
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Pros and Cons


Generates UX copy
Generates various headings
Generates design descriptions
User provide brief only
User-friendly interface
Content generation process simplified
Specializes in UX content
Uses chatGPT
Accessible creator profiles
JavaScript powered
Direct website


Requires JavaScript
No API available
Relies heavily on keywords
Lacks training data transparency
Limited to UX copy
No multi-language support
No editing functionalities
No batch processing
Limited customization options
Only uses chatGPT 1.0


What is the Riter app?
What does the Riter app do?
How does the Riter app work?
What makes the Riter app unique?
Who created the Riter app?
What is UX copy and how does Riter app help with it?
How many copies of UX content has the Riter app generated?
What is chatGPT and how does the Riter app use it?
What kind of inputs does the Riter app need from a user to generate the copy?
What type of categories can the Riter app generate the copy for?
How does the Riter app contribute to creating effective user experiences?
How can I access the creators' social profiles from the Riter site?
Do I need to enable JavaScript to run the Riter app?
Does the Riter app have a specific logo?
What does the tagline 'Powered by chatGPT' mean on the Riter app site?
Does the Riter app have an user-friendly website interface?
What does 'Generate your copy' mean on the Riter app?
How do I select a category in Riter app?
Who are Saber Ali and Abdur Rahman in context to the Riter app?
Is there a specific version for the Riter app?

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