Personalized content chatbot for exploring and engaging.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that helps content creators showcase their work in an interactive way. It is designed to increase engagement and make content more immersive, allowing audiences to explore content in a personalized manner.

The platform works by allowing creators to upload pdf versions or share read-only access to their content on Notion or Google Docs. Content creators can also add pre-populated FAQs or topics to explore, and design and customize the chatbot according to their brand and Buy Now CTAs.

The chatbot can be embedded anywhere or published as a dedicated webpage, and shared on social media for increased interaction and was inspired by Sahil Lavingia's Ask My Book project, which allows audiences to ask questions about his book and get answers in his voice.

The platform was named after the founder's 18-month-old son's favorite fruit - blueberries, which he calls "blubi". With, creators have the potential to captivate their audience's attention like never before.

Those interested in joining the waitlist can do so, or share a tweet with their friends and network to get priority access.


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Blubi was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


PDF content upload
Read-only access option
Customizable chatbot design
Embeddable on any platform
Publish as dedicated webpage
Optimized for social sharing
Personalized audience interaction
Links to purchase options (CTAs)
Pre-populated FAQs option
Interactive content engagement
Waitlist feature
Name inspired by founder's family
Platform supports content marketing
Convertible into multiple topics
Offers immersive exploration
Platform supports cognitive learning
Ability to showcase sample content
Increased audience conversion potential
Platform encourages audience retention


Only supports PDF, Notion, Google Docs
Cannot engage without initial FAQs
Limited customization options
Requires read-only access to content
Cannot operate offline
Not mobile-optimized
Limited integrations
Dependence on social media for conversions
No multi-language support
No API for deeper integrations


What is
How does increase audience engagement?
How can I upload my content to
Can I customize the chatbot to match my brand?
Where can I embed the chatbot?
Is inspired by the Ask My Book project?
Why is it called
How does the chatbot make content more interactive?
How do I join the waitlist?
Can I get priority access to
How does aid in showcasing my content?
Can I add FAQs or topics to
Can be used to replace traditional sample content?
How can help increase conversions?
What is the functionality of the Buy Now CTAs in
Can be published as a dedicated webpage?
How can help maximize chances to acquire attention?
Can content from Notion or Google Docs be shared on
Why was created?
Can be shared on social media for increased interaction?

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