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Transform EAN/GTIN codes into fast product descriptions.
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TextBrew is an automated product description generator designed for e-commerce use. Utilizing EAN/GTIN codes, TextBrew generates accurate and swift product descriptions for different marketplaces and languages.

Users can automate single or batch EANs, ensuring fast and efficient creation of product listings. A unique feature of TextBrew is its leverage of web data sources, including Amazon, Bol.com, Google Shopping, or users' proprietary Product Information Management systems, to create optimized listings.

It also offers an AI feature for enhancing product descriptions, which extracts Unique Selling Propositions and design details from product images.TextBrew is designed with customization in mind, providing the 'Custom Voice' feature to adjust product listings to match a specific tone and style, ensuring brand consistency.

It also ensures the quality and consistency of product descriptions across multiple languages, offering e-commerce content that engages potential consumers.

A notable aspect of using TextBrew is its demonstration of AI deployment for content generation, utilizing unique product identifiers. Beyond simply generating content, TextBrew tailors it to be compelling, aimed to engage consumers and drive conversions.

It offers users the opportunity to convert standard barcodes into engaging product listings or create unique content using their own product data.


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Jun 10, 2024
TextBrew is seriously awesome! It makes writing product descriptions super quick, under 30 seconds! I only gave them an EAN barcode and the AI magic analyzes product specs from their superbig dataset and photos to highlight key features, and you can match the tone to your brand’s voice. I created 320 product listings (including specs!) in 2 languages. The output is very consistent. If your selling stuff online, you need TextBrew. It’s a total game-changer! 🌟
Jun 10, 2024
Hi Marc, thanks for your comment! Let me know if there is anything to improve.

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Pros and Cons


Generates descriptions with EAN/GTIN codes
Efficient batch EAN automation
Leverages web data sources
Amazon, Bol.com, Google Shopping integration
Can use proprietary PIM systems
Product image-based description enhancements
Adjustable Custom Voice feature
Ensures brand consistency
Multi-language content creation
Tailored for consumer engagement
Standard barcode to engaging listing
Custom data content creation
Engaging product descriptions
Fast product listing creation
Use for different marketplaces
Generates optimized listings
Extracts USPs from images
Quality and tone consistency
Maintains consistency across languages
Fast, accurate e-commerce content
Converts barcodes into listings
Content kit for conversions
Quality across multiple tones
Can use own product content
Creates compelling listings
Tones match branding
Automated content generation
Generates descriptions under 30s
Transforms product data
Detailed description generation
Key feature extraction
Tag and Meta description creation
Provides balanced view
Generates category and brand


Limited to e-commerce use
Relies on EAN/GTIN codes
Dependent on web data sources
Customization might be complex
Inconsistent across multiple languages
Dependency on quality product images
No individual content uniqueness
Not suitable for customization-unfriendly brands
Limited custom voice features
No self-learning improvements


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How does TextBrew leverage data from sources like Amazon and Google Shopping?
What is the Custom Voice feature provided by TextBrew?
How does TextBrew ensure consistent product descriptions in multiple languages?
How is AI utilized in TextBrew for content generation?
How does TextBrew enhance product descriptions using AI?
What unique identifiers are used by TextBrew?
How does TextBrew's AI aim to engage consumers and drive conversions?
How does TextBrew create unique content using my own product data?
What aspects of the product does TextBrew consider when creating product descriptions?
How fast is the product description generation process?
How does TextBrew handle brand consistency while creating product descriptions?
How does TextBrew convert barcodes into engaging product listings?
How does TextBrew use product images to extract unique selling propositions and design details?
Can TextBrew link to a business's own Product Information Management systems?
Can I customize the tone and style of the product descriptions generated by TextBrew?

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