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Create unique Valentine's Day cards with our free AI-powered card maker.
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The Valentine's Day Card Maker powered by AI is a feature provided by Venngage that facilitates the creation of custom Valentine's Day cards. The tool is designed to allow users generate diverse types of Valentine cards including funny, thoughtful and romantic designs for various recipients such as partners, crushes, or friends.

It boasts an extensive selection of card templates which users can customize to their liking. The Card Maker aims to simplify the card-creation process with the aid of AI technology.

This tool has two unique features. Users can 'Generate from HEX', which is a personalized method where users provide information about the recipient, such as their name, likes, and relationship to the user.

The system then uses this data to generate a tailored card design. Alternatively, users can select the 'Randomize' option to create card designs for speculative friends with random elements.

Despite the various cookies and data tracking implemented for enhanced functionality and user experience, users have the option to manage these settings according to personal preference.

Venngage Valentine Card Maker was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 8th 2023.
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    Pros and Cons


    Various card templates
    Customizable text and images
    Generates funny, romantic ideas
    User-friendly interface
    Option to randomize designs
    Personalized cards via hex input
    User data tracking
    Customizable privacy settings
    Automated design
    Cookies enhance functionality
    Helps analyze platform usage
    Shows relevant ads
    Choice over cookies usage
    Generate Diverse Types of Cards
    Suitable for various recipients
    Ability to add personal information
    Editable color palettes
    Contrast ratio adhering WCAG 2.0
    Print enabled
    Download designs in PNG, PDF
    Send direct online links
    Enhanced user-support
    Limit on free uses
    Upgradable for unlimited access
    Integrated with social media platforms
    Supports a wide variety of language
    Help resources provided


    Limited to Valentine cards
    Uses extensive data tracking
    Poor privacy settings management
    Randomize function may generate irrelevant designs
    Depends heavily on user inputs
    Limits card generation (5 per hour)
    Requires sign up for more features
    No explicitly mentioned API
    No mobile application
    No offline usage
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