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Celebrity-voiced e-greeting cards with personalization.
Generated by ChatGPT

RingleDingle is an AI-powered e-greeting card service that offers personalized poems and audio narration in celebrity voices like Johnny Cash and Betty White.

With advanced AI technology, RingleDingle generates a customized poem that describes the recipient of the card. The service then provides an audio file with the selected celebrity voice, a backing track, and an image of the interpreted poem.

To create a card, users need to enter their email along with the recipient's information, choose a celebrity voice to narrate the poem, and select the poem they like from the personalized options generated by the system.

RingleDingle provides a fun and friendly experience with its personalized and AI-generated content, giving recipients a unique and memorable experience.

The tool relies on the advanced AI technology to create personalized poems for users in a hassle-free and user-friendly way. The inclusion of celebrity voices adds a special touch, making RingleDingle stand out from other e-greetings cards services.

The service is also free to use, making it an affordable option for users who want to send personalized e-greetings to their loved ones. Overall, RingleDingle is a unique tool that leverages AI technology to create personalized e-greetings cards with audio narration and customized images.

Its intuitive user interface and inclusion of celebrity voices make it a fun option for those who want to send out unique and personalized e-greetings.


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RingleDingle was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized poems
Narrated by celebrities
User-friendly interface
Customizable options
Affordable, free use
Unique e-greeting service
Works with user's email
Diverse celebrity voice options
No additional software needed
Instant online service
Creates audio files
Multiple poem selection
Fun and friendly design
Intuitive process flow
No account registration required
Secure personal information handling
Backed by advanced technology
Free demo available


No mobile app
Limited celebrity voice choices
Requires email for creation
No physical card option
No option to upload own voice
No multi-language support
Lacks variety in backing tracks
Personalized options not consistently relevant
Limited poem customization
No preview before email sent


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Is RingleDingle user-friendly for beginners?
Can anyone use RingleDingle or do I need special skills?
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Does RingleDingle keep my personal information secured?
Disclaimer and privacy policy of RingleDingle?
How to use RingleDingle for an event invitation?
Why should I choose RingleDingle over other e-greeting card services?
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