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Automate guest messages and enhance your guest experience effortlessly.
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HostAI is an AI-powered tool designed to automate guest messaging for hotels and short-term rentals, including Airbnb, VRBO, Guesty, Hostaway, and more.

Focused on enhancing the guest experience, this tool responds to guest inquiries, handles repetitive tasks and can even deal with guest phone calls using its voice AI.

One of its key features is the ability to identify and track maintenance tasks by turning guest messages and post-stay reviews into tasks assigned to your team.

HostAI also offers automation for calendar messages, assisting with availability inquiries and trip modifications. Additional features include detection of urgent issues and planning of guest experiences.

It supports integration with existing tech stacks to connect tools and teams. There is also an option for customization so that the AI can adopt preferred greetings, sign-offs, and other unique idiosyncrasies.

Despite its automation capabilities, it does not eliminate the importance of the human touch in hospitality, but aims to enhance productivity by automating repeatable tasks.


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HostAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 15th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automates guest messaging
Handles repetitive tasks
Track maintenance tasks
Automates calendar messages
Detects urgent issues
Plans guest experiences
Integration with tech stacks
Enhances team productivity
Works on various platforms
Transforms reviews into tasks
Automated task assignment
Identifies potential revenue opportunities
Advice on local attractions
Supports multiple languages
Quick response time
Supercharged hospitality operations
Supports small to large operations
Streamlines guest communication
Seamless integration with Slack
Effortless guest interactions
Ability to handle hotels
Customized terminology use
Intelligent message approvals
Tailored guest experiences
Empowers virtual assistants
Potential virtual assistant replacement
Useful for vacation rental teams
Supports 60+ countries
Identifies and fills gap-nights
Handles stay extensions
Early check-in, late checkout automation
Lifetime availability to guides
Scales up guest experiences
Backed by Combinator
Designed for property managers
Caters to short-term rentals
Stats display on performance
Handles availability inquiries
Trip modification assistance
Sends 1.2 million messages
94% message approval rate
46 seconds average response time
Supports 110+ languages
Used by 3,500+ hospitality operations
Different pricing plans
Free trial available


Lacks multi-language support
No explicit data security features
Lack of mobile application
Potentially intrusive for guests
No mentioned scalability options
Limited integrations
Not suitable for small landlords
Personalization could be limited


What platforms does HostAI integrate with?
How does HostAI handle phone calls with guests?
Can HostAI identify and track maintenance tasks?
Can HostAI customize messages based on my unique business requirements?
Does HostAI automate calendar messages, and how?
Can HostAI help with availability inquiries and trip modifications?
How does HostAI detect urgent issues?
In what ways does HostAI assist with planning guest experiences?
How can HostAI enhance productivity by automating repeatable tasks?
Does HostAI have a feature to customize AI greetings and sign-offs?
Can HostAI handle guest inquiries and how?
How does HostAI contribute to enhancing the guest experience?
Is HostAI compatible with existing tech stacks?
Can HostAI customize the AI dummy in accordance with unique idiosyncrasies?
Does the automation provided by HostAI replace human interaction?
What are the specific functions of HostAI in the short-term rental management sector?
Are there any specific short-term rentals platforms that HostAI caters to?
Does HostAI handle hotels and if yes, how?
How does HostAI use AI in the context of customer service?
How does HostAI assist in automating guest messages for hotels and Airbnb, VRBO, Guesty, Hostaway rentals?

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