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Dopt is an AI-powered platform focused on enhancing in-app user experiences. It provides a toolkit that enables developers to build personalized and contextually aware assistance into their apps.

With features such as 'point and get answers', Dopt ensures users instantly receive assistance when interacting with app parts. This service eliminates the need for manual tooltip creation by leveraging AI to perform this task.

Dopt offers more than a chatbot; it helps in creating seamless in-product AI assistance with pre-built components and a flexible SDK. Developers can use Dopt's customizable components or use their hooks in combination with their components to create a type of assistance.Another unique aspect of Dopt is its contextually aware characteristic.

Its in-app context feature paired with custom LLM sets it apart by delivering relevant assistance. A feature currently under development is 'take action', which enables AI to suggest product actions, helping users discover more app value and complete their tasks.Moreover, Dopt ensures insights into AI usage and its quality of response by users, fostering a data-driven development approach.

Dopt also allows developers to train custom models and integrate app-building actions, offering a reimagined product adoption.In addition, Dopt is positioned as a developer-friendly platform, offering SDKs & APIs for building native AI assistance.

It further serves as a responsible AI tool, having SOC 2 Type II compliance. It differentiates itself as more than a messaging platform, it's an insightful, actionable, and learning augmented technology intuitive enough to deliver significantly unique experiences.


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Dopt was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 16th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Enhances in-app user experiences
Offers personalized assistance
Contextually aware assistance
Instant answers for users
Eliminates manual tooltip creation
More than a chatbot
Pre-built components for assistance
Flexible software development kit
Customizable components
Context and custom LLM integration
Helps users discover app values
Encourages data-driven development
Developers can train custom models
Integrates app-building actions
Promotes product adoption
Developer-friendly with SDKs & APIs
SOC 2 Type II compliance
Delivers unique user experiences
Provides in-app help resources
Enables in-app search
Highlights app components
Offers different types of assistance
Facilitates navigation and tours
Can initiate API calls
Allows adding of diverse sources
Supports multiple programming languages
Provides analytics on assistant usage
Aids product onboarding
Targeting rules and analytics provided
Supports system status checks
Developer resources available on GitHub
Accompanies user model training
Constantly updating with new features
Contextual resources for in-app help
Provides actionable insights
Learning augmented technology
Product action suggestions
Strong customer support
Product Hunt featured


Under development features
Dependent on custom LLM
Limited to in-app use
No explicit free tier
Requires model training
Lack of multi-platform support
Context awareness may misinterpret
Dependent on SDKs & APIs
Contingent on user interactions


What is Dopt?
What does Dopt offer beyond being a chatbot?
How does Dopt improve in-app user experiences?
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How does the 'point and get answers' feature work in Dopt?
How does Dopt handle tooltip creation?
Can I customize components in Dopt?
How does Dopt facilitate contextually aware assistance?
What is the 'take action' feature in Dopt?
How can developers create AI assistance with Dopt's SDK?
How can Dopt be integrated into app development?
How does Dopt provide insights into AI usage and quality of response?
Can developers train custom models in Dopt?
What makes Dopt a developer-friendly platform?
What is SOC 2 Type II compliance in the context of Dopt?
How does Dopt ensure product adoption?
What kind of experiences can Dopt deliver for app users?
How does Dopt help users discover more app value?
Does Dopt have any documentation for developers?
What types of APIs and SDKs does Dopt offer?

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