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Delight your customers with the world's most accurate & capable generative AI-based chatbot.
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Gleen is a generative AI-driven chatbot focused on delivering trustworthy, accurate responses and automatic actions to customers. The AI system is integrated with the GPT-4 model to enhance the accuracy and relevance of its responses.

Gleen goes beyond typical chatbot functionalities by providing precise answers and taking automated actions on behalf of the customer within the context of the interaction.

It's also equipped with 'Action Bots' capable of performing a vast range of tasks tied to the conversation at hand. Another valuable feature of Gleen is its ability to unify fragmented knowledge.

It can gather information from various sources like help desk answers, community discussion forums, and product data sheets, enhancing its knowledge base over time.

The gathered knowledge can be easily updated with a single click. With these features, Gleen aims to reduce response times and decrease the number of unanswered customer queries.

These impact points have proven to be crucial in businesses achieving better customer satisfaction, improved response rates, and efficient customer service operations.


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Gleen was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 5th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


GPT-4 model integration
Automated actions
Action Bots functionality
Unifies fragmented knowledge
Multisource data gathering
One-click updated knowledge
Response time reduction
Decreases unanswered queries
Improves customer satisfaction
Improves response rates
Automates customer service operations
Reliable information
Enhances customer support
Knowledge base enhancement
Seamless integration with helpdesk
Crawls company's knowledge sources
Deployable on multiple channels
Continuous update on knowledge
Usable across multiple functions
Multifunctionality in CS/CX stack
Shortens average response time
Reduces number of queries
Enables automation of support
Facilitates query process
Helps in community expansion
Scalability for business support
Capable of reading code-images
Highly accurate response
SMS Bot functionalities
Proprietary knowledge ingestion
Understands complex questions


No offline functionality
No multi-language support
Limited integrations availability
Lacks data localisation options
No on-premise deployment option
Lacks specific industry version
Limited range of tasks
No customisation options
Relies heavily on GPT-4
Possibly expensive


What is Gleen?
How does Gleen use the GPT-4 model?
What are the capabilities of Gleen's 'Action Bots'?
How does Gleen unify fragmented knowledge?
What sources can Gleen gather information from?
How can Gleen's knowledge base be updated?
Which businesses can benefit from Gleen?
What impact has Gleen made on customer satisfaction and response rates?
Who are some of Gleen's customers?
How can Gleen reduce response times?
How does Gleen help to decrease the number of unanswered customer queries?
What are the notable features of Gleen?
Can Gleen perform automatic actions for the customers?
What tasks can be performed by Gleen within the context of the interaction?
How does Gleen enhance its knowledge base over time?
How does Gleen aim to improve customer service operations?
What does it mean that Gleen is a generative AI-based chatbot?
How can I integrate Gleen into my business?
What are Gleen's impact points on businesses?
Can the gathered knowledge in Gleen be easily updated?

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