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Website customer support through chatbot automation.
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Knowstory is an AI-powered tool that converts your website content into an interactive chatbot using ChatGPT. It is designed to replace the traditional keyword-based search with an intuitive and conversational AI that offers relevant results based on the context of the user's queries.

This, in turn, improves user experience and engagement on the website. Knowstory can handle common queries, reducing the load on your support team, enabling them to focus on more complex tasks, and streamlining operations.To use Knowstory, link your website and upload all relevant documentation to create a chatbot trained to answer any question about your website and documentation.

Knowstory offers an embeddable search bar that can be integrated into any website in minutes using its API or used on its web platform. The pricing plans are flexible and built to suit your needs with a free plan, starter, pro, and enterprise plans.Knowstory stores your documents on secure servers with support to handle various document formats.

The public stories allow users to ask questions on the website, and the charges are billed per question by Knowstory. If you get stuck or need support, you can reach out to the founders via email or Twitter and access Knowstory documentation on how to create your chatbot from scratch.

In summary, Knowstory offers a simple, snappy, capable, and delightful AI tool that makes it easy to create a chatbot for your website, thereby improving your website's user experience and engagement.


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Knowstory was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 23rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Conversational context understanding
Boosts website engagement
Reduces support load
Handles common queries
Snappy and capable
Easy chatbot creation
Secure document storage
Supports various document formats
Public stories feature
Billing per question
Twitter and email support
Accessible documentation
Embeddable search bar
Easy API integration
Flexible pricing
Free plan available
Quick customer support
API access on selected plans
Custom features for businesses
Unlimited widgets with every plan


No live customer support
Limited document format compatibility
Limited free plan capabilities
Charges per question asked
No customizability for chatbot
Needs more secure data storage
No detailed metadata for chatbots
Limited API endpoint functionality
Unclear privacy policy details
Strictly web-based user interface


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How secure are my documents on Knowstory?
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Does Knowstory offer API access?
What is the process to create a chatbot with Knowstory?
How does Knowstory's chatbot understand the context of user queries?
How can I integrate Knowstory's search bar into my website?
What are the pricing options for Knowstory?
What does it mean for a 'story' to be public on Knowstory?
Who gets billed for the questions asked to a public story on Knowstory?
How can Knowstory reduce the load on my support team?
How many widgets and questions are in each of Knowstory's pricing plans?
What is the response time for Knowstory's support?
Can Knowstory be customized to suit my business needs?
How can I contact Knowstory if I need help?
What is a 'page of text' in Knowstory's context?


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