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Efficient navigation, instant info access.
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Webscape is a context-aware AI tool that allows users to seamlessly access, search, and interact with their information across their workspace. It works as an AI co-pilot for the web, with features such as instant recall, workspaces, and personalized AI.

Webscape is compatible with any app, article, or page in the browser and is available anywhere in the browser. With Webscape, users can retrieve anything in seconds and effortlessly navigate their workspace to find the information they need, even if it was accessed a long time ago.

Users can safely close tabs they don’t need right now and retrieve the right one instantly when they do. Webscape seamlessly integrates within Google and provides hundreds of built-in commands that enable users to perform repetitive actions blazingly fast.Webscape values the privacy and security of its users, offering features like clearing digital footprints and one-point control of data.

Webscape is a paid service, deriving income through paying users rather than advertising. Webscape encrypts users' data securely, and they can easily import and export web pages prior to installing Webscape to make them searchable.

Webscape is enterprise-grade security for everyone. However, Webscape is currently invite-only, and users need to request access to use it.


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Pros and Cons


Efficient navigation
Instant information access
Compatible with any app, article, or page
Available anywhere in the browser
Recalls data instantly
Allows tab closing and retrieval
Integrates within Google
Hundreds of built-in commands
Clearing digital footprints
One-point control of data
Data encryption
Allows import/export of web pages
Enterprise-grade security for everyone
Session saving feature
Workspaces for easy task switching
Information sharing in searchable format
Writing assistance
Research summarization
Information look-up
Direct search result access
Eliminates repetitive actions
Seamless Google integration
Repetitive actions done blazingly fast
Values user privacy
Dedicated to data ownership
Invite-only feature for exclusivity
Revenue from user subscriptions
Not supported by advertising
Allows for workspace grouping
Instant recall of searched items
Works even on long accessed data
Offers curated website sharing
Context-aware capabilities
Perform tasks at speed of thought
Allows for new doc creation
Features for adding new users
Direct search from Webscape
Chrome browser compatibility
Paid service for exclusive access
Removes unnecessary clicks
Combines indexed records with language models
Offers automatic context provision
Supports research across various sources
Provides results alongside Google search
Excellent for data heavy tasks
Ideal for multitasking
Great for inter-app navigation
Improves browsing speed


Invite-only access
Incompatible with mobile
Only available for Chrome
Paid service
No native app
Lack of multi-browser support
Possible data privacy concerns
Not compatible with offline files
Relies heavily on internet connection


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Is Webscape available on all browsers?
How do I request access to Webscape?
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How can I share information using Webscape?
What does 'Webscape clears digital footprints' mean?
How can I use Webscape to look up information instantly?
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