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Generate web scrapers for any website with GPT
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Kadoa is an AI-powered tool designed to automate web scraping. Its key feature is to enable no-code, maintenance-free data extraction and transformation, making it an accessible tool for both non-technical and technical users alike.

It allows users to automate their data processing by selecting from predefined templates, specifying the type of data they intent to extract. This ranges from job postings to ecommerce information such as title, description, price, rating, SKU, reviews and more.

Furthermore, Kadoa has an auto-detect feature which can refine the scraping process by pinpointing the specific data the user needs. Prior to the extraction, users have the opportunity to review sample data, to ensure the relevance and accuracy of the scraping.

Once the user has specified their requirements, Kadoa takes over automatic data extraction and transformation, providing a seamless experience that reduces the manual labour and complexity typically associated with web scraping.

Users may access this tool via their Google account or simply by using their email address. Although it is a subscription-based service, Kadoa offers a free sign-up that includes API and Dashboard Access and a certain number of credits.


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Pros and Cons


Scrapes any website
Uses GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models
Semantic understanding of websites
Adaptable to website changes
Exportable scraper code
Exportable selectors
Scrapes at scale
Multiple URL scraping options
Different web page type selections
Field specific extraction
No-code solution for extraction
Automated data extraction
Options for listing or single-item pages
Scrapes product listings
Scrapes real estate data
Scrapes financial data
Scrapes news
Scrapes player stats
Developer integration convenience
Handles unstructured web data
Potential open source license
Email support availability


Highly experimental platform
Open-source licence unconfirmed
Doesn't work for logins
Doesn't bypass scraping preventions
Cannot automate clicks
Model selection trade-off
Unclear support channels


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Is it safe to say that Kadoa eliminates the need for custom coding or setup?
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