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Web data extraction and scraping made easy.
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Scrape Comfort is an AI scraper tool designed for hassle-free data mining and scraping from any website. This tool leverages ChatGPT, a chat-based AI model, to extract data without the need for coding expertise or delving into CSS selectors or XPaths.

The interface of Scrape Comfort is intuitive, ensuring a smooth data scraping experience for users of all technical backgrounds. It allows users to input URLs through CSVs, Google Sheets, or plain text, making it flexible and convenient for data collection.

With Scrape Comfort, users can download data from entered URLs using their own browser, including pages that require JavaScript for rendering. The tool allows users to track the progress of downloads and provides options to display or hide the browser during the process.

Setting up data extractors is made simple through a dropdown menu, where users can define in plain text what data they need to extract from the downloaded pages.

The extraction progress can be monitored throughout the process. The extracted data can be saved in various formats, such as clipboard or CSV file, for immediate use.

Scrape Comfort caters to a wide range of applications, including data analytics, market investigation, and lead acquisition. The tool offers different pricing plans, including a free option that allows users to utilize their own browser and OpenAI key.

More advanced plans offer additional features such as specialized AI, dedicated servers, and premium support. Scrape Comfort is designed to be user-friendly and does not require technical skills to operate.

It ensures the privacy and security of user data by not sharing OpenAI keys with their servers. Users can find more information and support through the Scrape Comfort website.


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