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Scrap.so is an AI-powered data collection tool that allows users to browse the web and automatically gather data. With Scrap, users can input their data requirements and a list of websites, or alternatively allow the tool to find relevant websites to scrape.

Once initiated, Scrap will crawl the website and extract the required data before sending it to the user via a specified output method. This tool enables businesses to collect data on a large scale without the need for human intervention, saving time and increasing efficiency.

It can be particularly useful for tasks such as lead generation, market research, and monitoring competitor activity online. The AI-powered element of this tool allows it to continually learn and refine its data collection techniques for more accurate and relevant results.

Additionally, this tool ensures compliance with web scraping policies and data protection requirements to protect users from any legal issues. Overall, Scrap.so is a reliable and efficient data collection tool that can provide businesses with valuable insights, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and gain a competitive edge in their industry.


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Mar 13, 2024
SCAMMMMM It dosent work anymore dont buy it
Jul 14, 2023
Very convenient and easy to use

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Pros and Cons


Browse and gather data
User-defined data requirements
Auto-website search
Large-scale data collection
No human intervention needed
Efficiency optimization
Useful for lead generation
Useful for market research
Competitor activity monitoring
Continuous learning and refinement
Accurate and relevant results
Compliant with scraping policies
Data protection compliance
Protects from legal issues
Insightful for data-driven decisions
Competitive edge facilitation
Auto-sending output to user


No real-time data scraping
Limited output customization
Cannot handle complex websites
Slow website crawling speed
Inadequate handling of dynamic content
Challenging to scrape multimedia
Potential compliance risks
Insufficient error handling mechanism
Limited to English language sites
Confined to specific geographic regions


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How does Scrap.so ensure compliance with web scraping policies and data protection requirements?
Is Scrap.so a reliable tool for data collection?
Can I input my data requirements in Scrap.so?
Can Scrap.so help in market research?
How does Scrap.so handle lead generation?
Can I monitor my competitor's activity using Scrap.so?
Is Scrap.so capable of large scale data collection?
How can Scrap.so help me in making data-driven decisions?
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