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Website data extraction and analysis with enhancements.
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Simplescraper is a powerful and free Chrome extension that allows users to easily scrape data from websites and convert it into APIs. With Simplescraper, web scraping becomes accessible to users without the need for coding skills.

The tool offers multiple scraping options, including in-browser scraping, automated cloud-based scraping, and API integration.Through the extension, users can pull insights from any website, summarizing, analyzing, and extracting understanding from the data found on the web.

Simplescraper allows users to extract information from the top ten Google search results, blog articles, news stories, YouTube videos, and even business listings.

The extracted data can then be displayed as bullet points and sent to platforms like Google Sheets, Airtable, Zapier, or a webhook.One of the key features of Simplescraper is the integration of AI enhancements into the data extraction workflow.

These enhancements enable users to enhance their extracted data with AI capabilities, making the analysis process more intelligent and efficient.In summary, Simplescraper simplifies web scraping by providing an easy-to-use Chrome extension that empowers users to extract and manipulate data from various websites.

With its ability to scrape data, enhance it with AI, and send it to different platforms, Simplescraper proves to be a versatile tool for users seeking insights and automation in their web scraping tasks.


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May 3, 2024
Easy to use and the crawler is super powerful

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Pros and Cons


Free Chrome extension
No coding skills required
Multiple scraping options
In-browser scraping
Automated cloud-based scraping
API integration
Data extraction from various websites
Extracts from Google search results
Extracts from blog articles
Extracts from news stories
Extracts from YouTube videos
Extracts from business listings
Data displayed as bullet points
Sends data to Google Sheets
Sends data to Airtable
Sends data to Zapier
Sends data via webhook
Analysis process intelligent and efficient
Scraping task automation
Can summarize and analyze data
Data extraction workflow simple
Start understanding your data instantly
Creates APIs from scraped data
Scrapes data behind login
Schedules web scraping
Uses readymade recipes
Saves data to multiple platforms
Can scrape Indeed Job listings
Can scrape Airbnb wishlist
Can scrape data into Webflow
Can scrape Website data into Google Sheets
Pull insights from any website
Intelligent data in one click
Helpful documentation
Active on social media
User-friendly interface
Web scraping made easy
Scrapes multiple pages
Crawling lists of URLs feature
Extract understanding from web data
Helpful guides available
Easy data-extraction workflow
Extracts all entities mentioned
Allows data display customization
One-click install
List and analyses key points


Chrome extension only
Requires JavaScript enabled
No stand-alone application
Doesn't offer direct database integration
Lack of customisability in scraping
No multi-browser support
Potential privacy concerns
May struggle with complex websites
Doesn't support all web formats


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