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Web data extraction & analysis.
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FetchFox is an AI-powered web scraping tool that enables users to extract desired data from any website. It functions as a Chrome Extension and utilizes AI technology to analyze the raw text of a webpage and identify the specific data requested by the user.

The tool allows users to describe the desired information in plain English, making it accessible and user-friendly.With FetchFox, users can quickly gather data for various purposes such as building lead lists, conducting research, or analyzing market segments.

It is especially useful for scraping websites like LinkedIn and Facebook, which implement anti-scraping measures. FetchFox's AI capabilities make it effective at navigating complex HTML structures, simplifying the data extraction process.Using FetchFox involves three simple steps: installing the Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store, configuring the scraping job by specifying the desired data using plain English descriptions, and scraping the data by visiting the relevant web pages and clicking on the extension.

The extracted data can then be downloaded as a CSV file for future use.FetchFox provides examples of its functionality, including scraping data from LinkedIn, GitHub, and Twitter.

These examples demonstrate how users can retrieve information such as a person's job title, a project's programming language, or the number of followers for a Twitter account.FetchFox was developed by CODEGOPHERS and offers customer support via [email protected].


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