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Website data extraction and analysis automator.
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ScrapeStorm is an AI-powered web scraping tool and web data extractor that allows users to extract data from websites without the need to write any code.

The tool supports all operating systems and offers a free trial for users to try it out. One of the key features of ScrapeStorm is its intelligent identification of data, eliminating the need for manual operations.

It uses artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically identify various types of data such as lists, forms, links, images, prices, phone numbers, and emails.

This streamlines the data extraction process and saves time for users.The tool also offers a user-friendly interface with visual click operations. It has a Flowchart Mode that allows users to generate complex scraping rules by simply clicking on the webpage, similar to manually browsing the webpage.

Additionally, it supports simulation operations like inputting text, clicking, moving the mouse, scrolling, and more.ScrapeStorm offers multiple data export methods, including Excel, CSV, TXT, HTML, and various database formats such as MySQL, MongoDB, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL.

It also provides enterprise scraping services with powerful features such as scheduling, IP rotation, automatic export, and file download.Users can conveniently access ScrapeStorm from any computer by logging in to their account.

The tool supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems without any limitations or restrictions. There is also the benefit of automatic cloud storage for scraping tasks, ensuring that users don't lose any data.Overall, ScrapeStorm is a robust web scraping tool that leverages AI technology to simplify and automate the data extraction process from websites.


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