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Extract data from web pages without selectors.
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MrScraper is an AI-powered web scraper that uses language models combined with traditional scraping techniques to extract data from web pages without the need for code selectors.

It efficiently handles big, complex pages with features like automatic proxy rotation and pagination support, making it less likely to be blocked by websites.

The tool has a built-in scheduler, allowing users to set up recurring scraping jobs for comprehensive data extraction, without the need for manual intervention.

The scraper also uses real browsers with JavaScript rendering and automatic captcha solutions. MrScraper AI will soon be available for beta testing, and customers will be notified when it's ready.

The tool is accessible through the web, but for security purposes, it may also be available as a downloadable macOS app and API endpoint in the future.

The app itself is free to use but requires a MrScraper account (free or paid) and an OpenAI token. Unlike other AI web scrapers that mainly focus on prompting the AI provider, MrScraper combines AI language models and traditional scraping techniques, making it less likely to be blocked by websites and enabling more comprehensive data extraction from different kinds of pages.


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Jun 12, 2023
Still in closed beta

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Pros and Cons


Scrapes without code selectors
Handles big, complex pages
Automatic proxy rotation
Pagination support
Less likely to be blocked
Built-in scheduler for recurring jobs
Real browsers with JavaScript rendering
Automatic captcha solutions
Can be a macOS app
May have API endpoint
Option to handle proxy rotation, pagination, prompt engineering
Support for large documents
Free to use with MrScraper account
Efficiently handles pages regardless of length or complexity
Automatic navigation through paginated web pages
Allows setting up of scraping jobs without manual intervention


Requires MrScraper account
Beta version not ready
macOS app not sure
API endpoint uncertain
Free but needs payment
JavaScript rendering issues potential
Automatic captcha bugs probable
Proxy rotation may fail
Big document handling untested


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