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Fabric internet OS is a personal search engine and collaborative internet library that aggregates all your files, notes, docs, bookmarks, and internet content in one place.

Its primary goal is for users to move faster and think better together while saving everything important in a collaborative internet drive and personal search engine.

Created specifically for busy makers and thinkers, Fabric allows you to drag, paste or click to save anything, and quickly search for a note, image, comment, or content across all your files and connected apps using a single search bar.

With Fabric's AI labeling and semantic search technology, it is unnecessary for users to spend time putting things in folders, as the platform can find anything again easily, in your own words.

Fabric further enables users to unite and build knowledge together by creating shared spaces with powerful organizational tools, allowing users to discuss, create, and review ideas as a team, and to annotate, put context, and append searchable and shareable notes on top of any website, image or PDF.

Lastly, Fabric prides itself on being user-friendly and accessible, as there is no need to install the platform to join, and it allows users to share multiple notes with one link.

Fabric is an excellent tool for users who want to streamline their content and collaborate with others, and it is made with love by the humans at Fabric, who strive to bring people together.


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Nov 25, 2023
Fabric is kind of like a combo of bookmarking/webclipper/summarizer/knowledgebase. Basically you can add information and it will auto organize it as well as let you chat with this information and search through it. It is not a “search engine tool” I wouldn’t say. Maybe you will be able to create a knowledge, base and information repository of everything relevant to you and be able to search through that information… But that is still different than a “search engine, tool” in my opinion. So far I think they are shooting for individuals and not enterprise users. Which is great because I have been wanting to find a product that will allow me to add information from PDFs, websites and videos and then be able to search/query/chat with that. But so many of the companies I have found that offer anything close to along these lines are developing knowledge bases with only company customers in mind. I get that that is where the money is, but Fabric appears to be for actual people to use. The product is definitely underdevelopment, and I have the TestFlight of their iOS app. I wouldn’t say the app is perfect yet or anything, but they are actively developing it, and some of their ideas are changing and evolving not just minor changes to their user interface. I am using Fabric and Mem at the same time and I will be interested to see which turns put to be more for me. Definitely check it out if you have not already done so they have the opportunity to make an extremely useful tool and kind of even changing the way individuals think about storing/accessing information important to them.
Aug 24, 2023
This is not a Search Engine.

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Pros and Cons


Personal search engine
Collaborative internet library
Drag, paste, or save functionality
Single search bar
Doesn't require folders
Create shared spaces
Powerful organizational tools
Annotation functionality
Searchable and shareable notes
No installation needed
Multiple notes sharing via one link
Collaborative document creation
Content annotation
Discussion on top of content
Link directly to website content
Add commentary to anything


No offline access
Limited file types supported
Doesn't sync with common platforms
No multi-language support
Mandatory collaboration features
No mention of data encryption
Lacks advanced search options
No mobile app
Cannot disable some features


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What organizational tools does Fabric provide?
Can I join Fabric without installing the platform?
How does Fabric's search bar work?
Can I use Fabric to annotate websites, images, and PDFs?
Why is Fabric good for busy makers and thinkers?
Can multiple users discuss and create ideas as a team on Fabric?
Does Fabric allow sharing multiple notes with one link?
Can I link directly to a piece of content on a website using Fabric?
Does Fabric allow me to append searchable and shareable notes on my saved content?
Can I save notes, images, comments, and content from connected apps on Fabric?
Who created Fabric and why?

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