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AI Search for Large PDFs
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Glimmer is an AI-powered tool designed to make navigating through large PDFs as simple as conducting a Google search. It features a robust search engine, which indexes documents, identifies sections, parses tables and figures, and optimizes search latency for faster retrieval of data.

Glimmer's AI learns everything about the uploaded document to provide accurate, fast, and verifiable results. The tool allows you to ask questions and conduct multi-term searches, providing the relevant sources from within the PDF.

Glimmer substantially aids in locating specific data, be it figures in extensive financial reports or specifics in large specification documents. Its engine is capable of understanding and making any documents searchable across a variety of industries, including construction, finance, education, and healthcare.An additional feature is its ability to handle and accurately search poorly formatted or handwritten text, thanks to its reliable OCR tech.

Furthermore, Glimmer guarantees enterprise-grade security, ensuring the safety of your documents. The tool is also compatible with mobile devices, providing users with the convenience of locating information on the go.With Glimmer, users can upload egregiously large PDFs to start their data exploration journey, whether it's sifting through specific records or conducting broader research.

The tool stands out for its capacity to support AI-based search on particularly large files, making it a suitable option for users managing extensive documentation.


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Pros and Cons


Large PDF handling
Robust search engine
Fast data retrieval
Document indexing
OCR technology
Multi-term search
Enterprise-grade security
Cross-industry utility
Mobile device compatibility
Optimized search latency
Table parsing
Accurately searches poorly formatted text
Handwritten text recognition
Question-answering capability
Identifies document sections
Supports 10,000+ page documents
Cites sources from within PDF
Accurate, fast, verifiable results
Built for any industry
Handles extensive financial reports
Searches large specification documents
Speeds up estimation time
Best in class search engine
Blazing fast search results
Trustworthy OCR
Works with egregiously large PDFs


Only handles PDFs
No multi-language support
Dependent on internet connection
No offline functionality
Handwritten text accuracy varies
Doesn't support other document types
Potentially high data usage on mobile
Doesn't offer personalized suggestions
No pricing transparency
OCR technology limitations

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