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Improved search and document assistant.
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Asktro is a tool that enhances user search experience and serves as an AI assistant for static documentation, such as Nextra. It utilizes state-of-the-art embedded text similarity search and large language models to provide a dynamic and intelligent search function.

Asktro offers a ready-to-use search UI component that can be seamlessly integrated into documentation websites. Additionally, it provides a plugin that allows you to ingest and index your documentation, making it easily searchable.

One of Asktro's key features is its ability to enable users to search broader topics within your documentation. By indexing sections of your documentation in a vector store, Asktro facilitates similarity search, allowing users to explore related content efficiently.Furthermore, Asktro incorporates an AI assistant that allows users to ask specific questions pertaining to the documentation.

Based on the search results and the specific question asked, the AI assistant synthesizes the information and provides relevant, context-specific responses.To experience the capabilities of Asktro, you can check out the official Asktro documentation and try out the search function.

Alternatively, you can explore the default search implementation of Asktro by visiting their fork of the official Nextra documentation.Overall, Asktro is a powerful tool that enhances search functionality, provides an AI assistant, and improves user interaction with static documentation.


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Asktro was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Enhances user search experience
Supports static documentation
Embedded text similarity search
Large language models utilization
Dynamic and intelligent search
Ready-to-use search UI component
Seamless integration into documentation websites
Plugin for document ingestion and indexing
Facilitates exploration of related content
Allows broader topic search
Indexes sections of documentation
Context-specific responses
Improves user interaction
Enables efficient content exploration
Live search function in official documentation
Alternative default search implementation
Facilitates similarity search


Limited to static documentation
No real-time search updates
Only supports one language
Lacks advanced query support
Limited customization options
Missing advanced filtering functionality
Indexing process could be slow
Lacks integration with other platforms
No version control feature
No user analytics tools


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What is the default search implementation of Asktro?
Is Asktro a documentation search tool?
How does Asktro improve user interaction with static documentation?
What specific questions can I ask using Asktro's AI assistant?


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