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Your AI-powered universal search tool.
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Dropbox Dash is an AI-powered universal search tool designed for efficient workflow management. This tool allows users to search across all their tabs, apps, and even more specific content areas such as emails.

It doesn't only help with content within Dropbox but also goes beyond by interacting with various other tools such as Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, and Notion among others, offering a cohesive search experience.

It's equipped to search the entire desktop including open browser tabs, calendar, emails and more in seconds. Besides its search functionality, Dropbox Dash further aids in organizing the workspace by providing features like 'Stacks' that enables superior organization beyond folders and bookmarks, allowing grouping of important information from files, apps, and browser links together which can be shared and updated within a team.

It provides a unique feature of displaying the entire workday in one central page, assisting users to stay on top of their important meetings, files, and prioritized projects.

The tool also includes a feature where users can ask questions and get summarized relevant information gathered from apps, files, and content. Currently, Dropbox Dash is in its beta phase and available in English only.


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Dropbox Dash was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Searches across all tabs
Searches across all apps
Specific content search
Integrates with Google Workspace
Interacts with Microsoft Outlook
Interacts with Salesforce
Interacts with Notion
Universal search experience
Searches entire desktop
Searches open browser tabs
Searches calendar
Searches emails
Features 'Stacks' for organization
Allows grouping of information
Grouping spans files, apps, browser links
Sharing and updating grouped data
Displays entire workday on page
Assists with meeting prioritization
Assists with file prioritization
Assists with project prioritization
Answers user queries
Summarizes relevant information
Multi-platform search
In beta phase
Available in English
Dropbox extension
Desktop search
Workflow management
User-centered UI design
Increases search efficiency
Reduces the need for multiple tools
Available for variety of OS
Secure data transfer
Flexible and customizable
Improves team collaboration
Interprets user needs
Quick search results
Specific app integration
Data organization features
Question-answering feature
Contextual search
Content search outside Dropbox
Helps in productive planning
Smart collections with Stacks
Workday visualization
Interactive search tool
Extensive app integration
Fast search capabilities
Real-time updating feature


In beta phase
Available in English only
Dependent on third-party integrations
Potential privacy concerns
No standalone app mentioned
Need Dropbox account
May not support all platforms
Possible integration complexities
Lack of advanced search options


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What makes Dropbox Dash a superior organization tool?
Does Dropbox Dash display my whole workday in one central page?
How does Dropbox Dash provide efficient workflow management?
Can Dropbox Dash search my desktop, apps, and tabs at once?


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