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Searcholic is an artificial intelligence-powered search engine for ebooks and documents. Its advanced algorithms are designed to deliver highly accurate and relevant search results, saving users time and effort.

Users have access to an extensive collection of ebooks and documents from diverse genres, disciplines, and sources. The platform offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it easy for anyone, regardless of their technical expertise, to search and access digital content with ease.

Searcholic continuously improves and updates its platform to ensure users have access to the latest features, functionalities, and content. Searcholic takes privacy and security seriously and encrypts searches and interactions to ensure personal information remains confidential.

It collects certain information from users, including search queries, IP addresses, browser type, operating system, and other usage information, to improve the quality and relevance of its search results.

The platform uses cookies that store information about users' preferences and browsing behavior to personalize their experience, remember their settings and analyze usage patterns.

The platform does not sell, rent or share users' personal information with third parties for marketing purposes. However, it may share information with trusted third-party service providers who help operate the website, analyze data, or improve services.

It may also disclose information in response to legal requests or to protect its rights, property or safety. Users under the age of 13 are advised not to use Searcholic.


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May 20, 2023
OMG! wish I found this before!

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Searcholic was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Highly accurate search results
Relevant search results
Access to extensive collection
Diverse genres and disciplines
User-friendly interface
Intuitive interface
Continuously updated platform
Encrypts searches
Encrypts interaction data
Personal information remains confidential
Collects usage information
Cookies personalize experience
Does not sell personal data
Does not rent personal data
Does not share personal data for marketing
Shares data with trusted third-party service providers
Infrastructure to ensure data safety
Dedicated to privacy and security
Efficient ebook/document retrieval
Wide range of accessible topics
Effortless download of findings
Enhanced user experience
Committed to providing latest functionalities
Adjustments made to improve service
Protection against unauthorized data access
Not intended for children under 13
Website data protection measures
Terms and conditions uphold user safety
Non-compliance with terms results in service denial
Search results for personal non-commercial use
Compliance with copyright laws
Accurate search results
Secure user experience
Respects intellectual property laws
Useful for scholarly research
Previews available for content
Relevance filter for search results
Protection against legal requests
User data helps improve service
Ability to sort by relevance
Enforces terms and conditions
Cannot be used to bypass copyright
Website operates under Canadian laws
Responsive platform
Restrictions for children under 13
Compliance with data usage regulations
No third-party marketing interference
Accessible customer support
Professional handling of subpoenas


Not suitable for children under 13
Collects user information
Uses cookies
Shares information with third party
May disclose user info to legal requests
Changes privacy policy without notice
No guarantee of absolute security
Limited to eBooks and documents
No guarantee of document accuracy


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How user-friendly is Searcholic's interface?
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What measures does Searcholic take to protect user privacy?
What kind of information does Searcholic collect from its users?
How does Searcholic use cookies?
Does Searcholic share any user information with third parties?
How does Searcholic respond to legal requests for information?
Is there an age restriction for using Searcholic?
Who created Searcholic and why?
What is Searcholic's mission?
What are the unique capabilities of Searcholic's AI-powered search algorithms?
Do I need any technical expertise to use Searcholic?
Can Searcholic provide access to academic papers and research articles?
How does Searcholic refine its search results?
Can I preview and download content directly from Searcholic?
What are the sources from which Searcholic draws its ebook/document database?
Can I disable cookies when using Searcholic? Would it affect the functionality?


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