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ByIbraheem elyami
Friendly assistant for searching sensitive words in documents.
GPT welcome message: Hi there! Upload your document and I'll prepare a Word report with your search results.
Sample prompts:
Please upload your document and specify the search words. I'll create a Word report with the results.
Upload your file and tell me the keywords for my search. I'll compile the findings in a Word document.
Attach your document and indicate the search terms. I'll generate a Word document with the quoted sentences.
Let me know which words to look for in your file. I'll provide the results in a Word document.
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Book Examiner is a GPT that assists in searching for specific or sensitive words in PDF or Word document files. It automates the typically manual and laborious task of spotting particular references or key phrases within lengthy texts.

With Book Examiner, users can upload their desired document file and specify the words or terms they wish to search for. Once the search results are generated, Book Examiner compiles these findings into a Word report, including quoted sentences for easy reference.

This tool demonstrates the practical application of artificial intelligence in document management and analysis. It particularly suits researchers, editors, writers, and any person or organization that frequently works with extended text documents.

With a user-friendly interface, Book Examiner offers efficient, accurate, and quick navigation through vast amounts of text, thereby expediting knowledge extraction and review processes.


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Book Examiner was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 5th 2024.
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