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Efficient content recommendations for web browsing
Generated by ChatGPT is an innovative web browsing tool designed to enhance your online experience. It replaces the traditional start page with a customizable interface that allows for easy access to your favorite websites.

With, you can quickly add, tag, categorize, and highlight new websites with a single tap, saving you time and keeping your online interests organized.

What sets apart is its AI-driven recommendation system, which provides personalized content recommendations based on your interests. This ensures that you always have access to relevant and engaging content.

In terms of productivity, consolidates all your favorite sites and newly discovered interests in one customizable start page, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple tabs or windows.

This streamlines your browsing experience and increases overall efficiency. Furthermore, offers the convenience of saving tweets and YouTube videos for later viewing, as well as offline access to saved articles.

This means you can enjoy your content even without an internet connection. Overall, combines functionality, aesthetics, and a user-friendly interface to provide a personalized and efficient browsing experience.

It revolutionizes the way you access and organize your favorite websites, maximizing your productivity and convenience.


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BoostMark was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Efficient content recommendations
Customizable start page
Single tap addition
Website tagging
Website categorization
Highlight new websites
Personalized based on interests
Combines all favorites
Removes need for tabs
Saves tweets
Saves YouTube videos
Offline access to articles
Organizes online interests
User-friendly interface
Maximizes productivity
Convenience of content saving
Streamlines browsing experience
Immediate access to content
Bookmark management system
Applicable on mobile


Waitlist availability only
Missing multi-platform compatibility
No mobile support
No synchronization with other devices
No third-party integrations
No sharing options
No user-level customization
Offline access limited to articles
Lacks advanced tagging options
No API for development


What is the main function of
How does's AI-driven recommendation system work?
What are the benefits of using for my web browsing?
How do I add and organize websites on
What kind of content can recommend to me based on my interests?
How does enhance my productivity when browsing the web?
Can I access offline?
Can I save tweets and YouTube videos on for later viewing?
How does personalize my browsing experience?
Can be used on mobile devices?
How do I tag and categorize websites on
Does offer a browser extension?
How is different from traditional start pages?
What kind of interface does provide?
Can I share my favorite sites using
How do I get notified when launches?
How do I join the waitlist for
Does have a bookmark manager feature?
Is suitable for professional use?
Why is billed as more than just a bookmark manager?

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