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Personalized search engine for efficient research.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered search engine that provides personalized and relevant search results. It can be accessed through a WebApp or messenger and provides a more efficient way of doing internet research. claims to provide better search results compared to search engines like Google, Ecosia, or Bing, without any advertising. The tool also offers a feature to directly share the summarized and relevant search results with family and friends.

It is available in English, German, Spanish, and Italian and can replace other search engines.The tool seems to emphasize that it is unbiased and provides real answers.

It uses advanced AI technologies such as GPT-4 and ChatGPT to improve its search capabilities. allows users to do research on multiple topics, including travel and holiday destinations.

In addition, it claims to offer a cash prize of $5,000, but no details are given on how to win it.Overall, aims to provide a better search experience for users by offering personalized and relevant results without any advertisement.

The tool emphasizes its advanced AI technology and search capabilities and is available in multiple languages.


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Nov 24, 2023
Wants government ID

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Pros and Cons


Personalized search results
Available as WebApp
Multilingual: English, German, Spanish, Italian
Shares summarized results
Ad-free search
ChatGPT integration
GPT-4 technology applied
Multi-topic research
Potential cash prize
Unbiased search results
Search results via Messenger
Direct shareability of results
Easy switch from other search engines
Searches can be controlled by user
Possibility to win rewards


Limited language options
Unclear prize rules
Messenger and WebApp only
Limited information sources
No liability for misinformation
Unspecific about advanced tech use
Focused on text-based results


What is
How does's AI technology work?
How can I access
How does provide better search results compared to other search engines?
How does ensure its search results are unbiased?
What languages does support?
How can I share search results from
Is ad-free?
In what ways can be used for research?
What advanced AI technologies does use?
Does have a feature for personalized search results?
Can I use as a replacement for other search engines?
Can I use for travel and holiday destination research?
What is the $5,000 cash prize offered by
How can I win the $5,000 cash prize offered by
Which platforms can be accessed on?
Is there a WebApp for
Can provide summarized search results?
How is different from Google and Bing?
Does have a social media presence?

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