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Optimizing your Google Search Ads Copy and Keywords.
Sample prompts:
Help me with google search ads :)
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Andrei Isip - Search Ads is a GPT that assists users in creating and optimizing Google Search Ads. Its major functions include keyword identification and producing effective ad copies.

User interaction with this GPT usually starts with a prompt related to Google Search Ads, and the tool takes the conversation forward by providing insightful input and guidance.

This GPT is a valuable tool for both individuals and businesses who want to leverage search engine marketing to their advantage. It aids in identifying the right keywords that can generate high-quality traffic for a particular site, and helps in writing compelling ad copy that can attract the target audience and induce them to click through.

By utilizing this GPT, users can potentially enhance the performance of their Google Search Ads campaigns, leading to improved returns on advertising spend.

It's important to note, however, that access to this tool requires a subscription to the ChatGPT Plus package.


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