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Generate social media ads with assistance.
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Adgen Studio is an AI-powered marketing assistant that simplifies the process of creating ads for social media platforms such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

It generates captivating ads by automatically selecting relevant photos and creating captions, allowing users to simply click "Post" to publish their ads.

This eliminates the need for manual ad creation, saving time and effort.The platform revolutionizes the way businesses create Google ads by harnessing the power of AI.

It also enables users to elevate their Facebook and LinkedIn advertising by providing a seamless and efficient ad creation process.With Adgen Studio, generating stunning ads for digital marketing becomes effortless.

The AI technology eliminates the tedious manual work of coming up with social media posts, ensuring brand consistency and high performance. Users can run campaigns like professionals and save money thanks to the platform's user-friendly interface that requires no prior experience.Adgen Studio offers different pricing plans, including a free option and various subscription tiers, providing flexibility depending on the user's needs.

This AI-powered platform enables businesses to generate ads in seconds, showcasing the power and efficiency of AI in digital marketing.Overall, Adgen Studio empowers businesses to create captivating, brand-consistent ads for multiple social media platforms effortlessly, significantly streamlining the ad creation process and optimizing digital marketing strategies.


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Adgen Studio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates ads automatically
Ad content selection
One-click ad posting
Saves time and effort
Optimized for Google ads
Seamless Facebook ad creation
Efficient LinkedIn ad creation
Guarantees brand consistency
No prior experience required
User-friendly interface
Available free option
Various subscription tiers
Generates ads in seconds
Optimizes digital marketing
Automated photo and caption selection
Supports multiple social media platforms
High-performing social media posts


No Instagram support
Closed-source platform
Doesn't allow for creativity
Limited caption diversity
No manual ad editing option
Flat pricing lacks customization
No integration with other software
No support for other languages
Requires internet connection


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Can I generate Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn ads using Adgen Studio?
Does Adgen Studio also create captions for social media posts?
How user-friendly is the Adgen Studio interface?
What does Adgen Studio mean by 'brand-consistent ads'?
How fast can Adgen Studio generate ads?
Does Adgen Studio save time compared to manual ad creation?
Are there features on Adgen Studio that ensures high-performance ads?
Can I run campaigns using Adgen Studio?
What are tokens in the context of Adgen Studio's pricing plan?
How does Adgen Studio eliminate the manual work of coming up with posts?
Can I sign up for Adgen Studio?
How does Adgen Studio revolutionize the way businesses create Google ads?

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