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Find Hyper-Compatible SMB Leads in Seconds
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Openmart is recognized as the world's first B2B sales partner tool dedicated to helping brands curate a personalized list of Small and Medium-sized Business (SMB) sales opportunities within seconds.

By defining industry-specific filters and qualification criteria, Openmart's AI feature conducts research, presenting an extensive list of highly compatible business leads and contacts.

It provides easy refinement and addition of new searches on their 1M+ SMB database for new inventory introductions. This tool further simplifies list management by providing CRM functionality.

Openmart helps sales teams automatically and quickly find and filter highly compatible leads based on custom data enrichments. This, in turn, significantly reduces time spent on manual sales research and lead discovery.

Besides providing industry-specific solutions for various sectors like medical, retail, recreation, distribution & brokers, and marketplaces, it also accommodates other diverse data needs.

A few notable features are automatic high-compatible retail lead discovery, customized data enrichments using AI, and sector-specific solutions. The tool is not only time-effective and efficient but also offers a streamlined approach to finding hyper-compatible leads and managing business relationships, making it a game-changer for many businesses.


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Openmart was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 17th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized SMB sales opportunities
Quick lead generation
Industry-specific filters
Extensive leads database
Lead qualification
CRM functionality
Automated lead discovery
Custom data enrichments
Retail lead discovery
Sector-specific solutions
Efficient sales automation
Diverse data needs accommodation
Hyper-compatible leads discovery
Business relationship management
1M+ SMB database
Sales research automation
Easy search refinement
New inventory introduction support
Automated high-compatible retail leads
Fast onboarding
User-defined filters
Compatible business leads presentation
Manage business relationships
Compatible retail leads automation
Sales team time reduction
Reduces lead discovery time
Hotel, restaurant, tours lead generation
Food, beverage, pets distributors leads
Home goods, medical supplies marketplaces leads
Data needs customization
Testimonial validation
Automated competitor store locator scrapers
Global business information access
Verified email, enrich and export credits
Dedicated line with CEO availability


Limited to SMB database
Lack of multi-language support
No mobile app
Limited customization
Dependent on user's criteria
No freemium plan
Not suitable for large businesses
Need for regular refinement
Dependent on quality of database


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What makes Openmart time-effective and efficient?
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Is Openmart used for sales automation?
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