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Optimized e-commerce customer management and analysis.
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Willy is an AI assistant designed for eCommerce businesses to improve customer interaction and management. The tool offers a chat interface that allows business owners and managers to interact with their customers effortlessly.

This can help save time and effort in managing customer interactions. Willy also provides an analysis feature, which allows businesses to gather meaningful data from a customizable dashboard, to derive insights for decision making.

Users can also manage their influencer and affiliate campaigns, as well as inject campaigns, ads, and ad sets with first-party data for more accurate targeting.

Customers are equipped with a range of features such as Creative Cockpit, Affluencer Hub, Lighthouse anomaly detection, insights, and recommendations.

Triple Whale, the developers of Willy, offer a range of resources to support brand growth, including an industry-leading DTC blog, guides, and case studies, podcasts, webinars, and Whale Mail.

Partner features include tech partners and agency partnerships, great for expanding the ecosystem of integration. The tool is simple to use, comes with pricing information, knowledge base, and a whale's wear center.

Triple Whale values the privacy and trust of its users, detailed in their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Overall, Willy offers businesses a comprehensive suite of tools to manage their eCommerce businesses efficiently and accurately.


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Willy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


E-commerce customer management
Integrated chat interface
Customizable data dashboard
Facilitates affiliate campaigns
Creativity Cockpit feature
Affluencer Hub for influencers
Lighthouse anomaly detection
Offers insights and recommendations
Provides podcasts, webinars
Tech partnerships
Agency partnerships
Simple usability
Comprehensive pricing information
Knowledge base for support
Privacy commitment
Tracking and analysis of campaigns
First-party data injection
Trust center for safe use


No CRM integration mentioned
No multilingual support
No free trial offered
Lacks offline functionality
No third-party data support
No individual customization
Affiliate campaign limitations
Potentially complex for beginners
No API given
Lack of data export functionality


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How does Willy help with influencer and affiliate campaign management?
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