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Inquire about NBA Top Shot moment sales in 2023.
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Sample prompts:
What moment was sold for the highest price?
Give me a list of the top 25 buyers.
Graph sales in $ by month.
Who bought the most Wembanyama moments? Show me the top 5 collectors.
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TopShotGPT by Bonfire is a Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) that specializes in providing data and analytics related to NBA Top Shot moment sales.

It utilizes a question-and-answer system to interact with its users and provide them with information looking as far ahead as 2023. Users can ask questions like, 'What moment was sold for the highest price?' or 'Who bought the most Wembanyama moments?', and the GPT will respond with the most accurate data available.

Additionally, TopShotGPT can display a graph mapping sales in USD by month, or provide a ranking list of top buyers and collectors. This tool relies on ChatGPT for its functioning, hence, to utilize TopShotGPT, users require a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

It is important to acknowledge that TopShotGPT is in its experimental release phase which generally means it's relatively new, still being tested, and enhancements could be made over time.

It is offered by Bonfire with operational support from To avail the service, users are required to sign up on the hosting website.


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