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ByShantha Manuel
Analyzing reports for sales insights with real-time data.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Shall we dive into the latest market data?
Sample prompts:
What are the challenges faced by Semiconductors manufacturing companies?
Extract financial highlights for analysis.
Give an overview of the competitive landscape in the packaging industry
What stood out in Microsoft's latest earnings?
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Industry IQ for Sales is a GPT that primarily aims to streamline the analysis of sales reports by integrating with real-time API data. The purpose of this tool is to provide timely, thorough sales insights for businesses to make better-informed decisions.

With deep learning and natural language processing techniques at its core, this GPT is specially designed to interpret large volumes of sales reports and articulate them in an easily comprehensible manner.

The GPT provides a welcome message for users to guide the interaction and set the context for the sales data analysis to be carried out. This tool also offers prompt starters to spark conversations focused on specific industry sectors or companies, such as semiconductors manufacturing, financial analysis or Microsoft's earnings report.

Salient features of the tool include industry-specific sales analysis, competition overview of diverse industries, and summarization of corporate financial highlights.

This tool requires the usage of ChatGPT Plus, indicating that it's an extended feature of the core ChatGPT platform. Users can register on the website for application access.


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