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Chatbot for customer communication and support.
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Chatfuel AI is a chatbot builder that enables businesses to take their customer communication to the next level by using revolutionary AI technology. The platform offers a simple and powerful way of creating chatbots that can communicate with customers in a human-like, friendly manner, providing detailed responses to their queries.

The tool utilizes built-in ChatGPT by Open AI to enable businesses to tell customers about their products and services, answer their questions, recommend products, and more.

Chatfuel AI works on popular messengers such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, as well as on websites. Chatfuel AI offers two pricing plans, namely Grow and Enterprise, with the former starting at $79 per month and offering a free 14-day trial period.

The Enterprise plan offers a tailor-made machine learning solution for corporate clients, with custom AI personality, conversation style, webhooks, integrations, and more.

The platform is easy to set up in just a few minutes, and users can book a call to get help from the team. Chatfuel AI is trusted by companies like Grow and offers integrations with messengers, social media, and unlimited knowledge base updates, among other features.


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Pros and Cons


Works on popular messengers
Website widget
Human-like friendly chatbots
Detailed customer responses
Product and service recommendation
Tailored machine learning solution
Webhooks and custom integrations
API access
24/7 customer support
Security and Compliance
Custom SLA and onboarding
Multiple language options
Unlimited knowledge base updates
Quick setup and launch
Free 14-day trial
Integration with social media platforms
Automating customer communication
Boosts marketing and sales
High customer satisfaction rate
Business info auto-fill feature
Trusted by known companies
Easy booking for support calls
Frequently asked questions section


Limited platform compatibility
Potential privacy concerns
High cost
Limited language options
No code editor
Lack of customizability
Dependency on third-party services
Limited free trial period
Depending on API access
Potential compatibility issues with webhooks


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What is the ChatGPT by Open AI in Chatfuel AI?
How can I get help from the Chatfuel AI team if I need it?
How does the no-code web AI builder work in Chatfuel AI?
How does Chatfuel AI ensure security and compliance?
What is the process for knowledge base updates and AI retraining in Chatfuel AI?
What is the cancellation policy for Chatfuel AI's services?
Can Chatfuel AI be used on my website?

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