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SupportLogic is a Support Experience Management Platform that utilizes predictive and generative AI to help businesses protect their brand experience by predicting and preventing customer escalations.

The platform extracts customer sentiment signals in real-time, allowing companies to observe and act on the voice of the customer. With SupportLogic, businesses can allocate resources more effectively by predicting and preventing escalations.

It goes beyond traditional customer surveys to unlock the voice of the customer, providing sentiment analysis to better understand customer sentiment.

The platform also offers backlog management to improve support response and reduce time to resolution, as well as intelligent case routing to assign the right resource to every customer issue and enhance customer satisfaction.SupportLogic provides proactive alerts to solve issues faster by alerting stakeholders across the organization.

It also offers account health management to analyze support outcomes and monitor at-risk accounts. The platform supports swarming and collaboration by looping in experts into customer issues using preferred messaging apps.In addition, SupportLogic offers various features to enhance agent productivity, such as case summarization using generative AI for quick troubleshooting, priority assist to predict escalations and reduce case handling time, and case response assist for confident engagement with generative AI-fueled responses.

The platform also offers translation assist to empower agents to resolve cases in any language, screen recording for personalized support, and voice analytics to detect call quality and provide coaching.SupportLogic integrates with existing ticketing systems and applications, is compliant with security standards, and offers resources, events, webinars, and a blog to stay updated on AI in customer support and industry best practices.


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