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Website chatbot for customer support & engagement.
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Webbotify is an AI tool that enables users to enhance visitor engagement on their websites by adding a ChatGPT-powered chatbot. With just a few clicks and in less than five minutes, users can integrate this chatbot onto their website.

The tool is positioned as an alternative to SiteGPT.Webbotify offers several features aimed at improving user experience. It drastically reduces support volumes by providing instant AI-based support and resolving queries around the clock.

The personalized conversations facilitated by the chatbot help to engage visitors and boost interactions. The tool also handles repetitive tasks, such as FAQs, freeing up the user's team's time and resources to focus on their product rather than support.Setting up Webbotify is quick, taking only minutes instead of hours.

It allows customization to match the user's brand, including configuring the bot's response tone and nature. The tool provides analytics and insights into user interactions, popular queries, and engagement metrics, enabling users to improve their business.Webbotify is available at different pricing plans, suitable for websites of all sizes.

Users can choose the plan that best fits their needs, whether monthly or yearly, with options ranging from a free plan to more comprehensive plans for larger customer bases.Overall, Webbotify empowers users to enhance visitor engagement, reduce support volumes, and boost productivity on their websites with the help of ChatGPT-powered chatbots.


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WebBotify was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


24/7 query resolution
Handles repetitive tasks
Quick setup process
Allows customization
Chatbot tone configurability
Analytics and insights included
Improves user engagement
Reduces support volume
Boosts productivity
Affordable pricing options
Suitable for all website sizes
Handles FAQs
Full chat history
User feedback metrics
Brand matching chatbot
SEO enhancement
Visitor engagement supercharger
No branding in Ultimate plan
Website specific chatbot training


No native language support
Limited chatbot customization
Lacks advanced analytics
Full data history paid
No integrations mentioned
Branding on chatbot present
Limited pages on basic plan
No API mentioned
Possible lack of multi-bot management
No free unlimited plan


What is Webbotify?
How does the Webbotify ChatGPT work?
How do I integrate Webbotify onto my website?
What is the difference between SiteGPT and Webbotify?
How does Webbotify enhance visitor engagement?
How can Webbotify reduce my support volumes?
Does Webbotify offer personalized conversations?
How quick is the setup process for Webbotify?
In what ways can I customize my Webbotify chatbot?
What kind of analytics and insights does Webbotify provide?
What are the various pricing plans for Webbotify?
Does Webbotify offer both monthly and yearly plans?
What types of tasks can the Webbotify chatbot handle?
How does Webbotify help improve SEO?
What is the procedure to configure the Webbotify bot response tone?
Can I add my logo and choose the color for my Webbotify chatbot?
What features does the free plan of Webbotify include?
Do the paid plans of Webbotify include full chat history?
Can I get Webbotify without branding?
Is there a trial option for Webbotify?

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