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Providing conversational AI for customer support automation.
Generated by ChatGPT is a Conversational AI platform primarily designed to streamline and automate customer support. Its main function is to deliver customer support experiences that are both automatic and gratifying for the client.

The platform's core components include Conversational Intelligence, Reports & Analytics, Agent Assist, Channels, and Integrations. implements conversational intelligence to facilitate meaningful conversations that lead to actionable outcomes.

This is supplemented by robust reporting and analytics to evaluate and optimize the performance of these interactions. An important functionality of is its Agent Assist feature which equips agents with tools to enhance customer interactions.

The platform also allows seamless integration with various channels including websites, WhatsApp, mobile apps, Facebook, Instagram, and Voice AI. Moreover, it offers specific solutions tailor-suited to various industries including e-commerce, banking, travel, real estate, logistics, insurance, foodtech, edtech, and telecom.

Apart from customer support automation, is also built for aiding customer engagement, retention, and loyalty.


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Pros and Cons


Automates customer support
Robust reporting and analytics
Assist feature for agents
Integrates with multiple channels
Industry-specific solutions
Aids customer engagement
Aids customer retention
Aids customer loyalty
Supports various platforms
Implement conversational intelligence
Facilitates meaningful conversation
Optimize interaction performance
Enhance customer interaction
WhatsApp Integration
Mobile apps integration
Facebook, Instagram integration
Supports e-commerce, banking
Supports travel, real estate
Supports logistics, insurance
Supports foodtech, edtech, telecom
Unified platform
NLP-powered FAQ
Provides real-time data
Enhances agent performance
Supports integration with 60+ apps
Embeds data protection
Real estate solutions
Logistics specific solution
Contextual free-flowing conversations
Real-time monitoring
Customizable chat flows
Voice automation
Supports multiple languages
CRM and Ticketing integration
Customised flow creation
Live chat feature
Campaign management
Multifactor authentication
Automated chat support
Role based access control
Marketing integration
Payment integration
Efficient problem resolution
Messenger Channel Integration
Role based access control


Limited third-party app integrations
Unclear data privacy policy
No API for extensive customization
No offline capabilities
No multi-tenant support
Lacks predictive analytics
Limited personalization options
Learning curve for non-technical users
Absence of open source code


What is
How does's Conversational Intelligence work?
How does use reports and analytics?
What features does the Agent Assist provide?
Which channels can integrate with?
What industries does cater to?
Does support Voice AI?
How does aid customer engagement and retention?
What is's role in customer support automation?
How does work with WhatsApp?
Can be used for mobile apps?
Can be used with Instagram and Facebook?
How does contribute towards customer loyalty?
What are the specific solutions offered by for e-commerce and banking?
Does have features for real estate and travel industries?
How does function for foodtech and edtech sectors?
Does have telecom-specific solutions?
Does work with logistics and insurance companies?
How can enhance the customer experience?
Does offer a demo or trial period?

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