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Reduce support volumes and increase customer satisfaction with AI bot.
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LiveChatAI is an AI tool designed to enhance your customer service by reducing support volumes and increasing customer satisfaction. Built with OpenAI technology, LiveChatAI can learn directly from your brand's unique content, ensuring personalized and well-informed interactions with your customers.

You can quickly train this AI tool with your specific content to launch a dynamic live chat. LiveChatAI is also designed to handle sophisticated issues and provide secure and accurate responses outclassing other AI bots.

Moreover, it can handle complex problems and pass them seamlessly to your human support teams when needed, ensuring your customers get the finest possible experience.

LiveChatAI is compatible with 95 different languages, breaking down communication barriers for diverse audiences. Whether you're using a chat messenger, inline embedding, full page, or even flexible API, LiveChatAI operates effortlessly on any platform.

You can import your data directly from your website or help center pages, creating a unique chatbot tailored to your specific needs. LiveChatAI is a practical tool for businesses looking to transform their customer support and engagement.


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LiveChatAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 20th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Enhances customer service
Lowers support volumes
Boosts customer satisfaction
Learns from brand's content
Custom training capability
Dynamic live chat
Handles complex issues
Secure, precise responses
Transfers seamlessly to human support
Speaks 95 languages
Operates on any platform
Content import from website
Effortless platform operation
Support volume reduction
Personalized interaction
Custom Question & Answers addition
Custom PDF & Text Content addition
Triage for complex problems
Handoff to human support
Bot works with custom data
95 language support
Immediate issue resolution
Content transformation into customer interaction
Affordable pricing
Live chat human support
50M Character Content Import
API availability with trained data
Instant answers implementation
Automated customer support
Knowledge sharing application
Simple setup functionality
Money Back Guarantee
Cards for whole team
Long-term memory up to 50M tokens
GPT4 and 3.5 supported
Works with customized data


Complex setup process
No dedicated mobile application
Limited long-term memory
Requires constant data input
Prone to miscommunication errors
Limited CRM integration
Expensive for large businesses
May struggle with jargon-heavy content
Single channel (chat) oriented

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