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An AI offering reliable customer support, Meet Tanaka.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to From Nippon, how may I assist you?
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Recommend an anime
Book availability?
Store working hours?
Discuss manga
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J. TANAKA is a GPT designed to provide robust customer service. It relies on the foundation of ChatGPT, enhancing it to handle a specific set of tasks.

Users interact with Mr. TANAKA for their queries and inquisitive requests, thereby utilizing the capabilities of language model AI for effective communication.Conceptualized by Yuki Shishido, J.

TANAKA serves to assist users in an assorted range of topics. It is well-equipped to recommend anime based on user preferences or popular trends, providing insights on various genres and themes.

Not limiting itself to just recommendations, it can also check and inform users about the availability of books, helping them keep track of their favorite titles or authors.

J. TANAKA makes the customer experience more convenient by giving information about store working hours, ensuring customers plan their visits accordingly.J.

TANAKA is more than just answering informational queries. It goes a step further in engaging users in discussions about manga. Users can explore characters, storylines, author styles, and various facets of the manga world through these discussions, making it an interactive platform for manga enthusiasts.The unique feature of this GPT is that it doesn't just answer but engages sparking conversations and promoting customer engagement.

Access to this GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus membership. The opening exchange by J. TANAKA sets a friendly tone, with 'Welcome to From Nippon, how may I assist you?', inviting users to begin interaction.In essence, J.

TANAKA is a specialized AI tool offering comprehensive customer service in the space of Japanese popular culture merchandise and information sharing, bolstering user experience.


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J. TANAKA was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 27th 2023.
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