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Manage Customer Support on Discord.
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Ticket AI is a Discord bot that helps automate ticket creation and customer support for servers. The tool features an AI-powered ticketing system that answers support tickets automatically with the help of custom training data uploaded by the user.

The training data can be in the form of support documents, which can be uploaded as a file or imported from a URL using a no-code interface. The bot then creates a custom introduction message and a new channel for each ticket, ensuring that all opened tickets are organized and easy to manage.The AI tool is online 24/7, allowing customers to get the help they need even when the support team is not available.

Based on the user's custom training data, the generative AI provides highly accurate responses to support queries, which helps save time and improve customer satisfaction.

Additionally, Ticket AI offers a 7-day free trial for all new servers, making it easy for users to test out the system before committing to a subscription.Overall, Ticket AI is a useful tool for managing customer support tickets on Discord servers.

With its AI-powered ticketing system and easy-to-use interface, the tool streamlines the customer support process and helps businesses to provide efficient and effective support to their customers.


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Ticket AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates ticket creation
Custom training data support
Upload support documents as file
Import support documents from URL
No-code interface
Individual channel for each ticket
24/7 online availability
Generates accurate responses
7-day free trial
Easy to manage interface
Improved customer satisfaction
Saves time
Efficient ticket organization
Supports .txt, .docx, .pdf files
Custom introduction message for tickets
Works on Discord servers
Ephemeral Replies for clarity


Limited to Discord
Depends on user-provided training data
No manual role in ticket resolution
No multi-language support mentioned
Not suitable for complex queries
Limited file formats for training data
No specific security measures mentioned
Reliant on stable internet connection
Generative responses might lack context
No integration with other communication platforms


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How does Ticket AI create support tickets?
Can Ticket AI operate 24/7?
Does Ticket AI offer a free trial?
How accurate is the response of Ticket AI?
What are the benefits of using Ticket AI?
Is there any subscription fee for Ticket AI?
Does Ticket AI have a custom support channel feature?
How does Ticket AI handle customer queries?
Can Ticket AI handle multiple tickets at once?
How does Ticket AI organise the opened tickets?
How do users open tickets in Ticket AI?
How does the 'No-code interface' feature of Ticket AI work?
Can Ticket AI be trained with any support documents?
Is there an online demo available for Ticket AI?
What happens after the 7-day free trial of Ticket AI ends?


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