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Simplified Jira ticket creation solution.
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TicketGenius is an AI assistant tool designed to simplify the process of ticket creation on Jira projects. Developed by TaskTuna, this tool generates well-formatted user stories based on brief descriptions and can split existing stories into manageable chunks.

With TicketGenius, users can add a description for their task and click submit to generate a ticket with optional subtasks, reducing the manual effort needed to create Jira tickets.

Furthermore, the tool can automatically create subtasks for new stories and can link and attach existing ones to their relevant epics. The tool uses artificial intelligence to generate accurate descriptions and undertake some of the ticketing work, reducing the time needed to navigate the project and collaborate with other team members.

Users can also expect additional features to be added to the tool as TaskTuna continuously updates it. Regarding privacy, Atlassian's privacy policy is not applicable to the use of this app, and users are referred to TaskTuna's privacy policy.

TicketGenius integrates with Atlassian products and enables the creation and editing of issues in Jira, allowing users to view issue properties, read Jira project and issue data, search for issues, and view profile details.

However, this app is not part of the Marketplace Bug Bounty program and the partner has not completed the Security Self-Assessment Program. In summary, TicketGenius offers a useful AI-powered solution for Jira ticket generation that simplifies workflow, offers additional features, and enhances productivity.


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Pros and Cons


Simplifies ticket creation
Generates well-formatted user stories
Automatically splits stories
Automatically creates subtasks
Links stories to relevant epics
Can generate subtasks for new stories
Automatically links and attaches existing stories
Reduces manual effort
Enhances project navigation
Improves team collaboration
Continuously updated with new features
Integrates with Atlassian products
Enables issue creation and editing in Jira
Allows issue property viewing
Supports searching for issues
Can view profile details
Specific Atlassian product integration


Not part of Bug Bounty
Uncompleted Security Self-Assessment
Limited to Jira platform
Privacy policy confusion
Dependent on TaskTuna updates
Limited customization options
Attachments not automatically generated
No multi project support
Subtask generation not optional


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Are there any additional features planned for TicketGenius?
Can TicketGenius split user stories into smaller tasks?
Does TicketGenius link and attach existing stories to their relevant epics?
How does TicketGenius enhance productivity?
What details can be seen with TicketGenius in Jira project and issue data?
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What are the key features of TicketGenius?
Who developed TicketGenius?
Who should I refer to for privacy policy matters regarding TicketGenius?
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