Code debugging 2023-05-03
Debug suggestions for bug fix & enhancement.
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Jam is an AI debugging assistant that helps developers streamline their bug-fixing process by providing AI-driven diagnosis and code fix suggestions. With over 25,000 users, Jam offers a free Chrome extension that integrates with the user's bug reporting workflow by analyzing bug reports and providing suggestions for code updates.

The AI model is adaptive and improves over time, providing better fix suggestions based on learning algorithms and user queries. The tool offers secure code review and ensures codebase privacy throughout the debugging process.

In addition to providing automated source code analysis, Jam offers personalized suggestions for fixing a specific bug. For example, it may suggest adding a unique key prop for a React element or modifying queries to request user-specific data with the provided ID.

Jam gathers various user data, including browser/OS info, console logs, user actions, network logs, and Github repos. With Jam, teams can get input from an AI and check in on the conversation, improving the cross-team collaboration.Overall, Jam helps developers debug faster by providing personalized solutions and AI-driven assistance.

Its adaptive algorithms improve over time, offering better suggestions for code updates that save developers time and enhance their overall debugging experience.


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Jam was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free Chrome extension
Adaptive learning algorithms
Secure code review
Codebase privacy
Automated source code analysis
Personalized bug fix suggestions
User data utilization
Cross-team collaboration facilitation
Integration with bug reporting workflow
Enhanced debugging efficiency
Over 25,000 users
Understanding of various coding languages
User action log analysis
Network log inspection
Github repo usability
Suggests code enhancements
Streamlined debugging process
Real-time assistance


Only for Chrome extension
Dependent on user queries
Need frequent use for improvement
Limited to browser/OS info
Github repos required
No app version
Works only with specified infrastructures
Potential privacy concerns with data gathering
Requires user actions for analysis
Limited cross-platform compatibility


What is Jam?
How does Jam assist with debugging?
Is there a cost associated with using Jam?
How does Jam integrate with my current bug reporting workflow?
What data does Jam gather for debugging?
Can Jam provide personalized suggestions for bug fixes?
Does the AI model of Jam improve over time?
What platforms does Jam work on?
How does Jam ensure codebase privacy and security?
Do I need a Chrome extension for Jam? How do I install it?
Can I use Jam with React?
What kind of bug reports can I submit to Jam?
How does Jam help in cross-team collaborations?
Does Jam work with specific programming languages only?
How does Jam communicate its debugging findings to the user?
Is there any prerequisite to start using Jam?
Can Jam analyze my existing codebase?
How does Jam handle user-specific data in queries?
Can Jam help me modify my existing code?
Does Jam have a blog or help center for user support?

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