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Debug and fix code errors.
Sample prompts:
Fix [input code]
What's wrong with this [input code]?
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The Code Error Fixer GPT is a specialized AI tool designed to assist with debugging and error fixing in code. This GPT is built atop ChatGPT and seeks to make the coding process smoother and more efficient.

It works through identification and analysis of the input code to diagnose and rectify errors. The tool uses its super-intelligent learning capabilities to handle a wide range of code errors, reinforcing its versatility and applicability in varied coding scenarios.

Users interact with the tool using inputs such as 'Fix [input code]' and 'What's wrong with this [input code]?', where [input code] refers to the piece of code that the user needs assistance with.

By inputting their problematic code, they can receive rapid, intelligent assistance in identifying the problem and proposing a solution. The tool does not distinguish between minor or major errors; it thoroughly scrutinizes each line of the provided code, ensuring that any detected problem is appropriately fixed.

Given its ability to help developers in debugging and fixing code, Code Error Fixer GPT serves as an invaluable asset for both beginner and experienced coders seeking to improve efficiency and accuracy in their coding processes by reducing the time spent on error debugging.

This description emphasizes the function of the Code Error Fixer not as a standalone application, but as a part of a bigger AI system powered by and running atop ChatGPT.


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