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ByJames Campbell
A GPT that fine-tunes its own responses.
GPT welcome message: Hello
Sample prompts:
Create a Doodle Jump clone in Kotlin
Create a Flappy Bird clone in Kotlin
Show me the links to successful past chats with you and tell me about the source files in your Knowledge
Create a top down shooter in Kotlin using Canvas
Create a Guitar Hero Clone in Kotlin
Generated by ChatGPT is a GPT designed to aid in the development and debugging of computer code. The unique selling point of this GPT is its iterative response system.

Instead of providing simple output, it continually evolves on its own responses to bring about optimization and ensure that the resulting code works as intended.

Originated by James Campbell, this GPT significantly simplifies the debugging process for developers by providing relevant and highly interactive chat responses. requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription. Users can participate in a chat with the GPT to resolve complex coding queries or to build popular game clones in Kotlin, a statically typed programming language for modern multiplatform applications.

From creating a Doodle Jump clone to developing a Flappy Bird clone, this GPT provides guidance for diverse projects. It further expands its offerings with the creation of top-down shooter or Guitar Hero Clone, exemplifying diverse use cases for a variety of Kotlin-centric projects.

Additionally, users can view links to successful past chats to learn from previous iterations and be shown the source files present in the tool's Knowledge.

In essence, is built for software developers who are seeking an in-depth and interactive tool to assist with coding projects, particularly for Kotlin development and debugging tasks.


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