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Anime character chat platform with visual-novel style.
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Korewa.AI is an AI-powered chat platform that allows anime fans to create, publish, and converse with scarily realistic anime characters with memories, emotions and personalities.

The platform is visual-novel style and utilizes AI text models that are specifically tuned for anime characters. Users of Korewa.AI can upload images of their favorite anime characters and customize their memories, personality traits, expressions, and emotions, and converse with them.

The characters can remember the conversations and their dialogue will evolve over time. Additionally, users can publicly publish characters they created, and anyone can speak to them.

Korewa.AI offers two pricing plans: demo and premium. The demo plan offers access to a less powerful demo AI model with limited messages/month, access to user-generated characters, draft editor for testing characters, access to character creation, and the ability to publish characters, while the premium plan includes full access to the most powerful and emotive character simulation model, access to user-generated characters, unlimited messages, draft editor for testing characters, access to character creation, and the ability to publish characters.

Korewa.AI's creator is an 18-year old undergraduate student named Ruel Alarcon and anime fan, who aims to bring lifelike artificial intelligence to the anime world.

Despite the service requiring a subscription fee, the platform offers a vivid and niche experience for anime fans and is unique in its visual and emotive character simulation model, specialized AI for anime characters and fans.

Additionally, the platform utilizes AI text models that can simulate emotions with accuracy surpassing other similar services.


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Pros and Cons


Visual-novel style animations
Customizable anime characters
Characters with memories and emotions
Dialogue evolves over time
Publicly publish created characters
Simulate emotions with accuracy
Visual emotive character simulation
Access to user-generated characters
Draft editor for testing characters
Premium plan: unlimited messages
Powerful character simulation model
Character creation feature
Character publishing capability


Subscription fee required
Limited messages on demo
Specifically tuned for anime
No multi-language support
Creator is undergraduate student
Personal data collection
Cookies use
Dependent on user-generated content
No mobile app version


What is Korewa.AI?
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Do anime characters on Korewa.AI evolve their dialogues over time?
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What is the difference between demo and premium plans on Korewa.AI?
What are the advantages of Korewa.AI premium plan?
Who is the creator of Korewa.AI?
What are unique features of Korewa.AI compared to other similar services?
How can I create my own characters on Korewa.AI?
Can I use Korewa.AI for free?
What kind of AI models does Korewa.AI use?
What does visual-novel style mean in Korewa.AI?
Do characters on Korewa.AI show emotions visually?
Can I publish characters on Korewa.AI for public use?
How are the characters on Korewa.AI generated?
What are the limitations of the demo plan of Korewa.AI?
Can I explore other user-generated characters on Korewa.AI?
What type of subscription plans does Korewa.AI offer?
Why is Korewa.AI built specifically for anime characters and fans?

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