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Machine learning-generated custom comics.
Generated by ChatGPT is an online platform that enables users to create comics using AI-powered tools. The tool employs machine learning algorithms to generate artwork based on the user's input and preferences, allowing them to bring their stories to life in a simple and efficient manner.

With the page designer, users can create custom layouts and designs that suit their vision, whether they want to develop a classic superhero-style comic or something more unique.

The manga and anime styles available provide users with multiple options to style their comics. The AI-powered art generator creates variations of each generated image for each panel, allowing the user to choose the one that fits their story best.

The tool's ControlNet feature can convert basic pencil sketches into colorful and vibrant comic book panels that are ready to be shared with the world.

Users can also upload their own images, which the AI uses as reference to create artwork that captures the original images' essence. Furthermore, allows users to download their comics in PDF or CBZ formats and save them on their computers.

With its user-friendly features and advanced technology, is an excellent tool for anyone interested in creating stunning comics.


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Nov 12, 2023
It is a good tool, but it requires a good knowledge of prompting.

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Pros and Cons


Custom comic creation
Multiple design variations
ControlNet feature
Colorizes pencil sketches
User-uploaded image support
Produces artwork from reference
Generates manga and anime styles
Page designer for custom layouts
Download comics in PDF/CBZ
No comic creation limit
1000 free credits on registration
Free additional credit in beta
Community via Discord
Personalized Artwork
User-friendly interface


No offline version
Limited to comics creation
Requires JavaScript
No mobile app
One output format (PDF/CBZ)
Limited art styles (anime/manga)
No storyboard creation feature
Beta software (bugs expected)
Relies on user-generated input
Credit-based operation post-beta


What is and what does it do?
How does the platform use machine learning in generating comics?
Can you design your own page layouts with
Can I upload my own images to
How does's ControlNet feature work?
How can I style my comic using
Does the artwork generated by include different variations for each panel?
In what formats can I download my comics from
What is the IMG2IMG feature in
Does offer both anime and manga styles for creating comics?
What are the steps to create a comic book with
Is there a limit to the number of comics I can create with
Can convert my sketches into comic book panels?
What options does provide for customizing the design of my comic?
Do I need any prior knowledge or skills to use
What happens if I run out of credits on
Can I use for free, or is there a cost involved?
How can assist me in bringing my comic book story to life?
What's the quality of the artwork generated by
Can I share my created comics from directly to social media?

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