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Enhanced chat customer support solution.
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AnswerAI is an AI Assistant tool that serves as a company guru, delivering exceptional responses sourced directly from the company's knowledge base and order data.

It is not just a chatbot but a sophisticated assistant that understands and responds to customer inquiries with precision and coherence in a fraction of a second.

The AI Assistant comprehends the meaning of questions and is connected to an extensive knowledge base, enabling it to retrieve relevant information effortlessly.With 24/7 availability, the AI Assistant is always ready and enthusiastic to assist customers without missing a beat.

It provides responses that match the tone of voice of the brand, creating a personalized and seamless support journey. The system absorbs the company's entire knowledge base and past chat conversations, learning from the data to provide instant, well-informed responses.AnswerAI is capable of handling both simple and complex questions, relieving the burden on customer support teams.

It is trusted by over 50 clients, with an average support reduction of 40%. The AI model used by AnswerAI is highly proficient, allowing for accurate translation of multiple languages.The tool integrates seamlessly with Shopify for order queries and can be set up in just 5 minutes.

It caters to various business types, from e-commerce retailers to local groups, by allowing customization in the admin panel to define the chatbot's responses.

AnswerAI offers a free trial without requiring credit card information and provides a demo for interested users.


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Aug 24, 2023
Excellent app I've been using for my Shopify store

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Pros and Cons


24/7 availability
Understanding complex questions
Trusted by 50+ clients
Support reduction by 40%
Multilingual capability
Seamless Shopify integration
Quick setup in 5 minutes
Support various business types
Admin panel customization
Free trial offer
No credit card requirement
Demo availability
Retrieves order data
Matches brand's tone of voice
Utilizes company's knowledge base
Learns from past conversations
Handles both simple, complex queries


Only integrates with Shopify
Set-up in 5 minutes may be misleading
Customization confined to admin panel
Implies human-like chat, could disappoint users
Complex questions may not be handled sufficiently
Lacks broad language translation capabilities
Free trial without credit card, lack of transparency about costs
Learning based on previous chats, could limit new scenarios
40% support reduction may not be applicable to all businesses


What is AnswerAI?
How does AnswerAI understand customer inquiries?
What makes AnswerAI different from a regular chatbot?
How does AnswerAI retrieve information from the company's knowledge base?
Is AnswerAI available 24/7?
Can AnswerAI handle complex customer questions?
How does AnswerAI learn to provide informed responses?
Can AnswerAI effectively translate multiple languages?
How does AnswerAI integrate with Shopify?
What kind of businesses can use AnswerAI?
Does AnswerAI offer a free trial?
How long does it take to set up AnswerAI?
How can I customize the responses of AnswerAI?
Is there a demo available for AnswerAI?
How does AnswerAI contribute to reducing customer support efforts?
Can AnswerAI understand and handle order queries?
Does AnswerAI match the tone of voice of my brand?
What success rate does AnswerAI have with its respective clients?
Is AnswerAI capable of understanding the meaning behind customer's questions?
Can I fully control the design and responses of AnswerAI?

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