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Automated customer support and analysis.
Generated by ChatGPT is a powerful AI-driven customer support tool designed to automate and streamline customer service processes. It allows companies to reduce costs and increase productivity by automatically routing incoming tickets and providing sentiment, language and topic detection.

With, companies can use their existing CRM software to tag, prioritize and route tickets, while also providing Salesforce, HubSpot, Zendesk, Outlook and Zapier integration.'s AI-driven technology also allows companies to monitor their performance, detect files, and analyze customer support data to ensure the highest quality of service. provides companies with a fast, cost-effective solution to deliver better customer service without the need for additional resources. With, companies can improve customer experience and provide quality support outside of business hours.


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Tekst was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated customer support
Streamlines customer service
Automatically routes tickets
Sentiment detection
Language detection
Topic detection
Integrates with existing CRM
Tags and prioritizes tickets
Salesforce integration
HubSpot integration
Zendesk integration
Outlook integration
Zapier integration
Performance monitoring
File detection
Customer support data analysis
Fast and cost-effective
Support outside business hours
Increase productivity
Reduces costs
Capable of first line support
Backlog reduction
Faster response times
Lower cost per ticket
Specialization and prioritization
Monitor performance and ROI
Detects files for dispatch
Custom integration option
Dispatch, prioritize and tag emails
No setup cost
Seamlessly transitions to smart ticket routing
Enhance agent specialization
Identification, prioritization of most important issues
Dashboard insights
Automatic resolution of FAQs
Topic-based ticket prioritization
Routes tickets based on language, topic, sentiment
Routing efficiency
Link common tickets to previous answers
Intelligent language and topic detection for all systems
Smart email routing
Improve self-service
Agent focus on the most important issues
Boost service by integrating blogs to your tickets
Streamline support by auto-tagging cases in Salesforce
Streamlined HubSpot service through ticket labels
Greater insights of email handling
Improve service delivery using new patterns
Resolve repetitive tickets using past data


No live chat integration
No social media integration
Limited to certain CRMs
No SMS support
No self-service portal
No telephony integration
Doesn't support multichannel services
No offline support
Requires third-party integration for functionality


What is
How does improve customer service?
Can integrate with existing CRM software?
What exactly does's AI-driven technology do?
Does offer integration with Salesforce, HubSpot, Zendesk, Outlook, and Zapier?
Can be used for customer support outside of business hours?
What are the benefits of using over manual customer support?
What is the process of ticket routing in
Does offer topic, sentiment and language detection?
Can help in prioritizing and routing tickets?
Does able to detect files and analyse customer support data?
How does streamline the support process for Salesforce?
What enhancements does bring to HubSpot service?
How does improve service delivery for Zendesk?
How to use for smart email routing in Outlook?
In what ways can Zapier be connected with
What does the custom integration of involve?
How to reduce backlog and lower response time with
Can help in identifying new patterns and improving performance?
What are the methods of automated ticket handling by

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