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Customer comms & analytics platform for businesses.
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Dialpad is an AI-powered customer intelligence platform that allows businesses to communicate with their customers on every channel. It is designed to help organizations uncover more insights about their customers and improve their engagement.

Dialpad's AI-powered features include AI Recap, which generates an AI-generated summary and next steps after every conversation. Dialpad's platform includes products for customer engagement, business communications, and an open ecosystem with integrations and APIs.

The customer engagement products include inbound and outbound sales and support, omnichannel customer engagement, and AI-enabled sales outreach. The business communications products include a business phone system, chat and SMS messaging, and free video conferencing.

Additionally, it provides an AI-powered workspace where businesses can call, message, and meet in one app. Dialpad's AI-powered Virtual Agent can assist in self-service tasks and help businesses gain CSAT across 100% of interactions.

Furthermore, Dialpad's AI-powered Customer Intelligence Platform offers real-time transcription, sentiment analysis, live coaching, predictive CSAT and more to improve team and customer conversations.

Dialpad has various solutions for small businesses and enterprises and can be used in several industries, such as education, healthcare, legal, and technology.

The tool has a demo, resources library, help center, app marketplace, and different plans and pricing options.


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Dialpad was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 31st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Summary of conversations
Integrations and APIs inclusion
Works across industries
Real-time transcription
Sentiment analysis feature
Predictive CSAT
Live coaching support
Virtual Assistant for self-service
Open ecosystem for integration
Inbound and outbound sales support
Omnichannel customer engagement
Business phone system
Chat and SMS messaging
Free video conferencing
Multiple platform options
Good for small businesses
Good for enterprises
Help center available
App marketplace
Demo and resources library
Various plans and pricing options
International support numbers
Supports customer engagement and business communications
Google and Microsoft Teams integrations
Supports multiple communication channels
Strong customer engagement
High customer satisfaction
Useful for sales and support
Robust phone system
Advanced video conferencing
Predictive customer satisfaction tools
Flexible pricing plans
Speedy product releases
Automatic feature updates
Robust analytics platform
Multiple language support
Accessibility from multiple devices
Free trial option
Customer stories and reviews
Community investment
Advanced customer intelligence
Non-stop product innovation
Cross-industry usability
Strong customer engagement


No desktop application
No multilingual support
Limited third-party integrations
No offline mode
Possibly expensive for small businesses
No transcription in different languages
No single-user plans
Uses only real-time analysis


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What integrations and APIs are available with Dialpad?
What are the benefits of the AI-powered workspace in Dialpad?
Does Dialpad offer industry-specific solutions?
What resources does Dialpad provide for learning how to use their platform?
What are Dialpad's pricing plans?
How does Dialpad ensure sentiment analysis for improving customer conversations?
How can Dialpad help my business improve CSAT?
What benefits does Dialpad's AI-powered customer intelligence platform provide?
Does Dialpad offer a free trial version?
What are some industries Dialpad is most useful for?
Can Dialpad be used for video conferencing?
How does Dialpad help in 'live coaching' for outbound sales?
Can you tell me more about Dialpad's customer engagement products?
In what ways does Dialpad support omnichannel customer engagement?
What is Dialpad's AI-enabled sales outreach?

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