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Market intelligence platform for tracking & optimizing.
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Native Ai is an always-on market intelligence platform designed to help brands and organizations track, manage, optimize, and innovate. It utilizes advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to uncover insights from large datasets, streamlining product development and enhancing consumer understanding.

The platform offers fast results without sacrificing accuracy by employing generative AI, reducing turnaround time from weeks to hours. It aggregates a vast amount of qualitative data and synthesizes it into actionable recommendations and comprehensive reports.

Native Ai also continuously scans the market for new data, ensuring that users stay one step ahead.With the Native Ai platform, brands can convert unstructured data into digestible visuals and actionable insights.

It offers a comprehensive insights dashboard and reporting features, allowing users to analyze products and brand performance compared to competitors.

The platform supports custom reporting, enabling users to tailor visualizations and set up alerts for specific products.Native Ai identifies consumer preferences and identifies market opportunities, helping brands fulfill unmet needs.

Furthermore, it provides improvement recommendations synthesized by AI and industry experts to enhance ratings and strengthen products.Native Ai offers white-glove service, assisting users in turning insights into actionable outcomes.

The platform allows users to successfully leverage the value of Native Ai independently, but also provides support throughout the process.Partnerships with leading brands and endorsements from industry professionals highlight the effectiveness of Native Ai in collecting, analyzing, and generating insights from large datasets.


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NativeAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Advanced NLP technology
Fast results
Highly accurate insights
Vast qualitative data processing
Actionable recommendations
Continuous market scanning
Unstructured data visualization
Comprehensive insights dashboard
Custom report capability
Product specific alert setup
Identifies market opportunities
Provides enhancement recommendations
Offers white-glove service
Unstructured data to visuals conversion
Legacy process enhancements
Proprietary Quality IQ analysis
100% response rate
Analyzes own first-party data
Cost-effective solution
Product upload in bulk
Filtered dashboard views
Quantitative and qualitative metrics
Popular mentions and Quality IQ scores
Opportunity identification feature
Expert recommendations
Opportunity for independent use
Partnerships with renowned brands
Insights from multiple data sources


No offline mode
Doesn't support multi-language
No third-party integrations
Reliant on quality of data
No mobile application
No real-time data analysis
Limited customization of visualizations
Expensive for small businesses
Not defined data security measures
Limited data sourcing


What is Native AI?
How does Native AI use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI technologies?
What kind of data sets does Native AI work with?
How does the generative AI used in Native AI reduce turnaround time?
What kind of data does Native AI aggregate?
How does Native AI convert unstructured data into visuals and actionable insights?
How can I customize the reports in Native AI?
What does the insights dashboard in Native AI provide?
How does Native AI identify consumer preferences and market opportunities?
What kind of improvement recommendations does Native AI provide?
What kind of support does Native AI provide to its users?
What are the leading brands that have partnered with Native AI?
How does Native AI continuously scan the market for new data?
How can Native AI help in product development and consumer understanding?
How does Native AI help in brand performance comparison?
How can Native AI help optimize customer feedback?
How does Native AI help in enhancing product ratings?
What is the process to set up alerts for specific products in Native AI?
How is Native AI different from other legacy processes and competitor platforms?
How can I leverage the value of Native AI independently?

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