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Connect better with your users through feedback forms.
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Bridge is an AI tool designed to facilitate seamless communication between businesses and their users. The main feature of this tool is its Feedback Form, which serves as a simple and intuitive avenue for users to express their thoughts, report bugs, or ask questions.

Bridge AI analysis uses user contributions to help businesses understand their customers better and craft strategies that exceed their expectations. To deepen the engagement, Bridge comes with a built-in reward program which businesses can customize to incentivize users' contributions.

All feedback and reward interactions are managed from a single, clean dashboard, making the tracking, reporting, and management of feedback easy and efficient.

The tool also offers customizable templates that can be quickly launched to capture feedback. These templates can be adjusted to cater to various specific user journeys, ranging from simple feedback forms to thumbs up surveys.

Additionally, implementing Bridge into a website does not require advanced coding skills, as businesses can easily add the tool by copying and pasting a provided code snippet to their desired page.

Bridge provides different pricing plans, including a free trial for tentative users. More advanced features and capabilities are available in the Pro and Pro Max packages, designed for small teams and established businesses respectively.


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Bridge was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 3rd 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Feedback form tool
Built-in reward program
Single-dashboard management
Customizable form templates
Embed without advanced coding
Varied pricing plans
Free trial available
User-friendly, intuitive design
Customizable user feedback journey
Clean, efficient dashboard
Feedback tracking and reporting
Wide range of templates
Quick launch forms
Website integration made easy
Strategy development support
Enhanced customer engagement
Advanced features in Pro packages
Enhanced bug reporting system
Prepared for non-technical users
Facilitates user-business communication
Encourages user contributions
Copy-paste installation
Smooth feedback management
Visualization of feedback data
Business strategy insight generation
Manage rewards from dashboard
Effective user survey tools
Online customer experience strategy
Simple triggers setup
Brand integration potential
Immediate feedback collection
Efficient user interaction tracking
Custom responses for users
Highly customizable reward conditions
Broad template customization scope
Quick change-over between templates
Forms and surveys for Pro Max users
Feedback page event trigger
Effortless tool deployment
Useful for established businesses
Great tool for small teams
Easily receive and manage feedback
Building user-contributor community
Single place feedback management
Specific user journey templates
Condition-based rewards
Instant user feedback sharing
Create and view feedback in one place


No multi-language support
May lack advanced analytics
No API for integration
No mobile app version
Limited customization of dashboard
No identity access management
Limited free trial features
No autosave feature in forms
No offline use capability
Pricing plans can be expensive


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What are Bridge's pricing plans?
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Who is Bridge's Pro package suitable for?
What type of customer insights can Bridge help me obtain?
How does Bridge enhance user communication?
Can Bridge help with bug reporting?
Are there premade templates available on Bridge for user surveys?
What are the requirements to start using Bridge?
Is there a free trial available for Bridge?
What is the benefit of using Bridge's reward program?
In what way does Bridge help to formulate customer experience strategies?
How can I customize the reward conditions on Bridge?
Does Bridge need coding skills to be implemented and used?

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